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What happened during the 1000 years Luna was trapped on the moon? How did she survive all alone?

Upon the surface of the moon there is seldom light and no companion to be found. So as Celestia scrambles to undo the magic of the elements of harmony to return her sister Luna slowly finds herself walking down a path, her shadow as her only friend in the world.

1000 years is a very long time to be alone with your grief and your woes,

On the moon their is no glow
only a world of ice and snow

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I wrote this story because I figured Luna must have been lonely all alone and Celestia must have not known she would be sending her sister into exile by using the elements. I wanted to represent Celestia in a different light than I did during requiem, as a good sister.

sounds interesting. also peaks my interest to see how the princess reacts with a different persona than what you would expect. tracking :twilightsmile:

If you like nice Celestia for the love of god do not read my other story Requiem. It is rated mature for a reason and Celestia does some pretty terrible things. Its really messed up if your a hardcore Celestia as a goody goody fan.

I wanted to cause nightmares:pinkiecrazy:

If you are ok with seriously twisted Celestia on a cupcakes level...then by all means enjoy <3

I like regretful Celestia, so this goes right up my alley. Regretful Celestia, depressed/psychotic Luna: you got 2 of 2 for this part of Equestrian history. :twilightsmile:

Krushnazag is pleased with this. So much emotion, the bending of the alicorns' psyches.

four balloons and a noisemaker. This rates four balloons and a noisemaker on the Pinkie scale.

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