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Lightning sparks was the rising star of the wonderbolts in his time, that is until Spitfire and Soarin came into the group.
The love of victory soon overrides the love of his only child, pushing her beyond the breaking point.

'Only tools to be used, dont get attached to it. When they break throw them away.'

Alongside the Tuesday garbage a broken filly that fears the world above the clouds is found by a mare in love with the sky.

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Another fic for my fans to gobble up. Not part of end is nigh series but more to the ' mare's answers to common questions'
Ie: Whos scoots parents? why is she in ponyvile?? Why is her name scootaloo!? and my fave...HOW IN THE HELL DID PONIES GET A GAS/ELECTRIC SCOOTER!!???
well no answer to the last one but I sure wanna know!!!
Other mysteries solved.:unsuresweetie:

Yeeeeeeeaaaa its me so everypony knows the routine, My name appears with a new fic and the dark and sad tags are sure to follow close behind.
No like no read...
If you still read and downvote share with the class
Be warned flames make me do baaaaaaaaad things to ponies in future chaps...:applecry:
so keep scoots from being mutilated!!!!Only you can prevent fimfiction fires!!!

enjoy anyway:pinkiecrazy:

I like it:pinkiehappy:... but may no harm fall upon Scootaloo.:scootangel:

Yay! :yay: I love Scootaloo storys! Awesome start btw, hope to see more later. :pinkiesmile:

I'm certainly keeping eyes on this; I want to see where this is going. Great introduction, by the way, Mate.

Um, her scooter's not electric... she uses her wings for propulsion.:ajbemused:

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