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Nightmare Moon is a little filly...you know the one I am talking about.

She has a little friend...
He's loud,brash,obsessed with cupcakes and eats crayons.No its not Pinkies long lost brother, its her not-so-imaginary friend.

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Up in the clouds they would hide away, they would dance then sing and have games to play.
No amount of words one could say would ever prepare them for that day.

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It is often said that the path to hell is paved with good intentions and innocent dreams lead astray.
Can the same be said for a certain mare of the night?
The path paved by two hearts lined with glittering stars leading to utter darkness.

We all know the tale of the Mare in the moon....Or do we?

'The stars will aid in her escape and she will bring with her night eternal.'

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Silver spoon and Diamond tiara, the schools two most notorious bullies and totally BBFF (Besty best friends forever) Our unfortunate victims to their bullying time and time again have fallen into a rut, its to where they can mouth the duos insults line for line. But one day they take it too far and Apple Bloom tells them the cold hard truth the following events would shake the very foundation of everything they knew.

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Whatever happens, I'll leave it all to chance.
Another heartache - another failed romance.
On and on...
Does anybody know what we are living for?

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Seven little bubbles upon my flank
but to many it might as well be blank.

All the while they point and stare
for I cannot fly through air.

I tumble and crash
many things I smash.

But many things cannot be seen
as to what my bubbles mean.

Three little ponies, they will find
A secret that I was left behind.

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Downside up and Upside down, in circles we go round and round.
Within the Everfree the flow of time is different, they days and nights blur together as you make your way beyond its borders and onto another plane.
A world like our own but in darkness.

Living by the glow of her magic,Twilight must find her way home soon or risk being lost in the fog forever.

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The Derby, A popular equine based sports event where many bet on the odds of a particular pony coming in first.

When you leave it all on the track, only the strong survive. But when winning means trampling over your own kind, does the guilt of winning override the fear of loosing and the punishments that follow?

Things are different in the human world, here we are used as entertainment be it for races or breeding others are used to work or worse become food for our captors.

My name is now Dash, A rising queen of the track who's looking for a way for us all to go back.

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The next installment of the end is nigh series of fics

When all you see is darkness all you can do is dream of glittering lights and brilliant rainbows that belong to a world you will never belong in.

'Glittering lights, colored skies.
things I can never see.
In my world I try to dream
of a world I almost remember.

Tasty treats topped with creme
soft voices that beautifully sing.
The things I always longed to see
the blue of the sky
and the sound of the sea.

In my world I try and dream
of the world I almost remember.'

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-The much anticipated prequel to Nightdreams and Daymares.-

Journey down the forgotten path to a world unlike your own, To when the lands were new and a being of harmony became the being of nightmares

A monster is not born,
It is made.

Forged like a blade in the fires of torment and horrors, the soul like the steal hardens.
It is honed in contempt
It is sharpened upon the stones of despair and loss and beaten into form by the strikes of misery and broken dreams.

A monster is made....
and it comes for its maker.

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