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Swift Justice and Cap Grass, two average ponies at least by Ponyville standards, open up Equestria's first ever public relations firm. They quickly discover the ponies in greatest need of PR are some of the Equestria's most feared villains.

So how will they go about the impossible task of fixing a super villian's public image? Answer: Rather poorly.

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An excellent premise for a story, and it kept my interest all the way to the end. I will say that you ought to proofread your writing, as there's a plethora of grammatical/spelling/formatting errors strewn throughout this story. Other than that, this story is strong enough to hold its own, but a writer should always seek to improve, and this story can definitely use a little more meat to the narrative.

The humor, particularly with Nightmare Moon, was sufficient, so I'll Track this and give a Like. Can't wait to see what comes next. :twilightsmile:

6261097 Yeah, I was sorta drawing a blank when it came to formatting. I'll be needing a quick refresher on that when I have the time. I'll improve eventually. i did just fix some of the more glaring issues, but i'll be coming back to this later to give it a full sweep.

Hmm, a little dialogue heavy there. But I ain't got a problem with it, I'm actually kinda interested in seeing were this takes off to... :trixieshiftright:

if somewhat moderately popular

This may have already been addressed and/or looked at, and sorry for being a stickler for accuracy, but this needs to be changed to "somepony"

There could be a few more commas in there, too, but otherwise you're fine as far as I could see first read. I'll be tracking this. Keep up the good fight.

This might just become the greatest story ever written. I love the idea and will be avidly following this. I do second the recommendation for proofreading/editing.

6262413 Thank you for pointing that out. I honestly don't know how I manage to skim such blatant mistakes.

6262531 Well Gee, You sure know how to pressure a guy. I avidly hope I deliver on your expectations.

A whole story about my favorite industry ever? You've got my attention! :pinkiehappy:

I really like this story so far and I cant wait to see how it goes, but I have one quick note for you that was bugging me:

”Y–you want us, to improve your... PR?”

Technically instead of PR it should be public image. PR refers to the practitioners who go between the person/company and the public to bring about positive publicity.

This story idea is so cool! :twilightsmile: Reminds me of some of the writing of Terry Pratchett. Excellent premise, keep working hard at it and no doubt this will take off. Getting a friend to reread it could be a good idea, and you will really have to work hard to live up to the great start you've given this story! Hilarious! Kudos.

6263177 I guess I can edit that later. Doesn't have quite the same ring to it though.
I should point out that I will wildly misrepresent the PR industry for the sake of comedy and convenience.

6264810 Thank you. I'll get someone to preread it, maybe. I just hope I can keep the humor consistent.

Eventually, their services will be so renowned that they'll be hired to convince somepony that someone else is evil

and by that I mean they'll have their work cut out for them in getting Fluttershy to realise Angel Bunny is the most evil, insidious devil to ever walk on Equestrian soil

I'm sure that you will be able to keep up the laughs. This first indication has surely proved that.


So are you planning to do the others villains too? If they succeeds into getting Nightmare Moon a normal life among the population(like getting her to work at a haunted house or something) I can see them that they done a too good of job that Nightmare Moon spread the words of their success to others villains which leads them to becoming clients of the PR something like this.
I see Queen Chrysalis showing up in their office with a few Changelings asking them to find a way for her and her Changelings to peacefully fit in pony society.
I can see them helping King Sombra to adjust to modern times.
I can see a interesting scene with them talking to Tirek to something like this:
Swift: (freaking out but after seeing a guard standing next to Tirek) Wait a minute aren't you supposed be in Tartarus?
Tirek: Yes. But they decided to sentenced me with community services so I'm on house arrest (turning to look at a guard standing next to him) meaning that I'm not allow to leave this city.

“Fine!” she snapped at him. “We shall get new attire, but none of that garbage I see most of you shills floundering around in. I expect nothing more than perfection!”

You mean 'less than'?

6330511 Yeah, that makes more sense. Though, when it comes to the word perfection the terms are somewhat interchangeable.

YAY! Chapter 2! Excellent, this is brilliant. Keep it up! A word of warning - some character building might be in order. Otherwise, kudos again!

I wrote this and posted this while extremely plastered.


“It's my chest wound, I can do whatever I want with it,” Nightmare said as she continued to fiddle with her insides. “In fact, I think this is a good place for my house keys.”
“As the creator of that particular wound, I can dictate what happens to it and I say leave it alone!” Luna commanded.

:pinkiehappy: These might be the funniest things I've ever heard Nightmare Moon say in a Fic.

“The dark energies here are strong. Subject, you wouldn't by happenstance have come into contact with enchanted jewelry, evil goddesses, or aged dairy products, would you?”

I wrote this and posted this while extremely plastered.

This is the most that I've laughed all day. Please don't delete this! It is too awesome!

This is the funniest thing I've read in a while! Loved every bit of it! :rainbowlaugh:

You should write drunk more often. In fact, that could be a fun fic in and of itself.

6442523 Drunk me is just a more depressed less coordinated version of regular me. All you'd get outta me in that kind of state would be a sad romance with lots of typos.

6442625. Don't see many of those on here, it might be worth a try. Personally though, I'm more of a chuckle head drunk that thinks he's funnier than he really is... kinda like when I'm sober.

I'm still waiting for these two to work with Tirek or Sombra...

Once again, I cannot tell if this is a crackfic or a real story. And I don't think that that's a bad thing.

Every time I read a chapter, I have a genuine smile on my face. Thanks for writing.

Uh. They finally got to some actual PR work...

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