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Gilda, the High Queen of the Griffon Kingdom, the Restorer of Griffonstone, receives Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria. This first diplomatic meeting after decades of animosities makes her realize the price that she had to pay to see her nation rise to its former glory.

It all came down to a choice between two great treasures.

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I was waiting for someone to explore this idea.

You did well. This is a very moving piece.

any other realm in the World.

World shouldn't be capitalized.

She took notice of her main guest. She barely remembered this little pony from her first and last visit to Ponyville.

This would flow better if the two sentences were tweaked a bit and combined, like, "She took notice of her main guest, a pony she barely remembered from her first and last visit to Ponyville."

the alicorn revealed with a strong voice. Though Gilda could swear that a peculiar, pensive vibe was present in it.

Again, this would read better like this: "the alicorn revealed with a strong voice, though Gilda could swear that a peculiar, pensive vibe was present in it."

That I have a lot to answer for. I shall allow myself to return to Equestria and patiently await your reply.”

This is just a nitpicky thing, but italics are better for adding emphasis. Bold's usually for, like with the griffin guard, a booming, thunderous voice.

Aside from those nitpicks, it was very well done. I'm happy to see someone take this approach, and I'm glad it was someone as skilled as you.

Leave the Grail, Indiana.

I don't think I'm going to word this right but my thought after read this was;
Well shit...

Umm... damn.

Very well done exploration of this idea.


The moment I saw the scene in the episode the idea came to my mind. Thank you kindly.


Fixed and fixed. Never be afraid to nitpick, that's how we struggle towards perfection. Thank you. :twilightsmile:


It would be an entirely different movie if he took it.


I think many would find it the one, appropriate wording, to be honest...


Thank you very much. :pinkiesmile:


:offers a tissue:

6027670 It's sad, which makes me so much more grateful that she chose the other route in the actual show ♥ And it's kind of implied that the relic was more of a placebo effect. I loved the episode to death~ And I love your fic to death too :3


:offers a pack of tissues:

No words, absolutely no words... except for those ones... and these ones... well done. :pinkiesad2:


Those words are very, very important and I thank you for them. I've even written a story about their great significance. Feel free to check it out, if you'd like to. :pinkiesmile:

Very well done.

I was wondering how long it would take till someone did it and I'm happy it was done with care and skill!


I was actually intrigued why I am not seeing a story like this, so I have taken the opportunity myself. :raritywink:

Thank you for your kind words.

I'm actually surprised too that the the fandom takes so long this time to create stories out of the latest episode

I would have expected there would be at least some Gilda/Greta or new GilDash-stories by now :rainbowderp:

*crying snot ruinning out of nose* this a amazing story i love it please continue making more chapters


I don't think I shall continue this to be fair, but I'll see. Depends on the support of the readers.

:offers a tissue:

:whispers: I need to buy more of those...

Very very well done!


Why thank you very, very much. :twilightsmile:

Best title I have ever seen.


:sheepish grin: I saw the opportunity and I took it.

... Prequel? :scootangel:


Perhaps... If I am asked really, really nicely by people... :raritywink:


Temper, temper... :twilightsmile:

No... I must cry on the inside. CRY ON THE INSIDE- OH GODDAMMIT I CAN'T

This is really really good. The concept, the wording, the emotion..heck, even the cover picture! Very well done. Is a prequel in order, if you're up for it? :pinkiesad2:

This was great. I never cried or got near crying while reading it, but I did feel sad by the ending. 9/10
My only complaint is that I think it would have helped if we saw flashback scenes, expanding more on the repercussions of Gilda's choice to both Equestria, Gryphonstone, and the Mane 6, but that's minor.


:offers a pack of tissues: Good thing I got myself some more. I shall take those tears as a compliment. :twilightsmile:


Perhaps, yes. Although not now, as I am and shall be pretty busy. But I shall definitely consider it.


I might include those in another story. Still, I thank you for a very generous grade. :pinkiesmile:

Shat, that stung my heart. Nice prose you got going on.

Upvote and favourite.

6031606 Thanks.
Oh great. At this rate, what with mother:yay:ing allergy season and all these sad stories, my nose will be rubbed even more raw than it is already!


Thank you kindly, it is my pleasure... :pinkiesmile:


As a fellow sufferer of allergies, I recommend the most basic tissues – scented ones are actually more of an irritant to your nose. :twilightsmile:

Sheesh G, at least cop to it.


Admitting your mistake is one of the most difficult things to do in one's life.

I really liked it.

Hope you do a sequel to it. Maybe she tries to find Pinkie's and Rainbow's bodies to give them a burial or perhaps make amends with the others without admitting what happen.


I am considering it, yes. Unfortunately I need to focus on other projects right now. I do have a sequel, or a prequel in mind though.

Hi there. I hope you don't mind, but I liked this fic so much, I'd adapted it for audio on YouTube.


Mind it? I am honoured to have a story appreciated quite so much! And by such a great crew of fanfic readers! I am immensely grateful.

Here's hoping I shall produce more stories worthy of their readings in the future.

(Also, now I know the reason behind this story's sudden increase in popularity. My mind can rest. :raritywink: )

Well done. Scribbler did an outstanding reading on it as well.

It goes to show how choices can affect us and the world in astonishing ways. Gilda's choice reflected her greed, her cowardice, and her guilt. The price of restoring her kingdom: two dead ponies. :pinkiesad2: :fluttercry:


Two dead ponies, and yet some would still say that it wasn't a steep price at all...

Also, indeed, a single, crucial choice is sometimes bringing forth outcomes we would never have imagined.

Comparatively, this wasn't a steep price.
Am I an awful person?
Maybe so.
But consider the wars for independence over the years, where countless men lost their lives. It was only two ponies this time, not a thousand or a million.


No, that's not an "awful person statement", that's just ruthless calculus, backed by history. Still, one should attempt to avoid it if possible.

7507521 I guess. Thanks.

Her eyes could not hear

Wrong body part.

Abysmall Abyss.

Abysmal. One L.

The text in general is overly flowery, and the grammar seems awkward and stilted in some places.

At its core, though, a solid idea, though I can't help but feel it could have been explored much further.


Ha, human brain and his overly logical assumptions!

Thank you for the opinion. True, I might have gone slightly overboard at times, the unfortunate side-effect of not being a native-speaker. And, yes, one could delve deeper into the idea, but I wished to avoid turning this into an epic. Thank you for the honest opinion. :twilightsmile:

Eh, I find it hard to believe the other Princesses would go along with Twilight's demands to ostracize an entire other species, especially going so far as to force all griffons living in Equestria to leave. Oh, what's that? You've been living here for twenty years? You have a business? Well, screw you, beaky, GTFO!
Twilight's demands would be so obviously the result of grief that Celestia and Luna would simply not go through with them, and even if Twilight had equal say, it would still be a two to one vote.

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