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Legends tell of Hurricane's Champron, the mysterious helm that made him the mightiest Pegasus to ever live. In her search for revenge Lightning Dust found it. But, caught in a terrible blizzard, will she chose revenge or life?

Written to celebrate 250 subscribers! Prompt suggestion by Stormy Skies. With thanks to JCatt, Stormy Skies and Lord of Dorkness for their help pre-reading.

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Aw wow, this was really sweet. I always liked Lightning Dust's design, and thought they could do more with her, even if she was intended to be a foil for Rainbow Dash. I like the happy ending, and the fact that she still struggled with a little temptation, but pushed it aside. It's not a clean-cut "I've learned my lesson" moment, but that's more realistic; we all still have struggles even when we learn something new, when we're trying to learn how to put it into practice.

Great choice for the winning prompt; not sure if it was random or you picked, but I like how it came out. =) And congrats on reaching so many followers!

I don't get this. Downvote.

You have my approval. Nicely executed.

Huh, two sides of a mirrored coin, and interesting that you see a very different point on what equinity might be.

Wow. That was evocative. Excellent work.

Nicely done. There was the occasional typo, but by and large, I think the only thing you could have done would have been to stretch it out a bit longer. A sadder ending would have been more appropriate, I think, given Lightning's character, but it's a nice message of hope, too.

Either way, thank you for the read. Have a fave. :twilightsmile:

This was fantastic. It's kinda disappointing that Platinum, Puddinghead, and Hurricane never learned to let go of their hatred during their lives, but at least Hurricane realised his mistake in death.

An interesting sequel would be Suri Polomare* looking for Princess Platinum's jewelry or crown or whatever as a stroke of inspiration/revenge against Rarity, but learning the same lesson as Lightning Dust. But then again it might be too similar...

Wow. This is great. The whole thing just wraps together perfectly - no wasted words or scenes.

I'm getting a pretty strong, The Long Dark vibe from this one. Reminds me of a story that I wrote.

Really enjoyed it :pinkiesmile:

Cool story. I enjoyed it enough borrow the titular artifact and make mention of it in one of my own collaborative works, Actually I'm Dead. It gets a mention towards the end of chapter 18.

There are nowhere near enough fics around featuring Dusty, so I'm particularly glad that this turned out to be a good 'un. The world-building is my favourite part, I think. Not entirely sold on how LD acts at the end, but otherwise good stuff.

6469366 Don't you mean Suri Polomare?

Interesting. I love a good Lightning Dust story. I really appreciated the point where Hurricane explained that they changed how the story ended as the years went on. Reminds me of a lot of the old European folk tales they brought over to the U.S. Disney changed the content on just about everyone they used (which was quite a few) to make them more family friendly.

This makes me wonder if they changed the records of the stories, or just the word-of-mouth tales which gave rise to the Hearth's Warming Play...

You have earned a fave. :D

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