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Many ponies leave out cookies on the night of Hearth's Warming Eve. It's tradition, after all.

It's been a tradition for a very long time.

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You tugging at me heartstrings here!

A beautifully bittersweet story. I loved it. Thank you for writing and sharing it.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

I'm glad you expanded it out and posted it. :twilightsmile:

And so the story went from sucker punch to stranglehold, an enjoyably tortuous torment. Well done.

That was kind of short, but sweet. Great job capturing the mood of Hearth's Warming.

A truly touching story.

this is another story that completely schools me on why i shouldn't go into things with preconceived notions of what the author wrote.

also, this is some high pantheon level feels. not many can make it seem real or organic.

good job.

i'll be reading this every year around xmas time along with georg's fantastic list

I expected an ending like this, but you still managed to make me feel like I've been stabbed in the heart. I didn't want to keep reading, but seeing Celestia's compassion in place of Luna's sorrow was very touching. Well done.

This excellent and heartwarming tale is Featured in December for Twilight's Library

Happy Hearths Warming to all. 🎁

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