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I'm not a very prolific writer, but I'll try my best to be one worth reading. Constructive critism and advice will always be welcome. Thank you for your time.


As the friendship celebration between the ponies and yaks begins to settle, Prince Rutherford shocks all in attendance by proposing to Pinkie Pie.

Perhaps even more astonishing is the fact that she accepts.

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Pinkie, you cheating whorse! How could you betray me like this?

King Grover's statue

Awww, bless the big lug.


If he liked it, then he should've put a ring on it.


He's just a big fluffy softie, once you get to know him.

Thank you both for reading.

An impromptu, hastily arranged royal wedding that gets canceled at the last moment. A perfect ending to Pinkie Pie's little adventure.

Aww! I was hoping this was a longer fic in which they genuinely got married, and Pinkie became princess of Yakyakistan.

All right, damn it all, that's my new canon!

Even so, still a nice fic, definitely a fan of the characterization.

Hmm... I like it.

Yay a new story by one of my favorite authors!:yay: Despite me ultimately shipping Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich, this fanfic made me enjoy the shipping between Prince Rutherford:twilightsmile::heart: Especially since they didn't get married and went back to being friends. So, this is my new joke ship:pinkiehappy: Anyway, I can see this story as a legit follow up to Party Popped. It's funny, cute, and Queen Allaway was hilarious. She was my favorite part of this whole story:heart:


Why, thank you.


A "perfect" ending, you say?
Yaks approve.


Thank you for the compliment. If I can adjust a reader's headcanon, I'll consider that an accomplishment.


I'm one of your favorites authors?
"Me honored!" --Prince Rutherford
I'm glad I could add a new ship to your collection, and Queen Allaway was definitely fun to write.

I thank you all for adding this to your Favorites. It brings a smile to my face.

This is the best! 10/10 would read all over again, even as a CheesePie shipper, I love this so much! I only wish this was longer! :pinkiehappy::heart:


Thank you for all of the praise, and thank you for adding it to so many of your Libraries.
To quote Minuette, "Yowza!"

King Livingston: "What you mean 'pony band not able to play at wedding reception'?"
Prince Rutherford: "Pony band break up after guitarist run off with yak girlfriend."
KL: "Yaks smash? I approve! What her name?"
PR: "Yako Ono."


A very enjoyable story; nicely done.


Pinkie Pie said it was creative differences that drove them apart, but we all know that's just the official story for the papers to print.

It makes me think of an alternate version of this story I thought up (one that would be notably shorter):

King Livingston: Where is betrothed?!
Pinkie: Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie!
Livingston: Not perfect!

No prob, tis the least I could:twilightsmile::heart: Glad that I brought a smile on your face:pinkiehappy: Yay Pinkie Smiles!

Adorable and solid as a rock a yak's pride.

Well done~

Unacceptable!” Queen Allaway bellowed to the sky. She calmly turned to face her two maidservants.

“Smash for me.”

The pair nodded to each other and leapt into action. The room became filled with the sound of crashing as furniture went flying in all directions. Pinkie and Rarity dove for cover as the pandemonium continued to escalate. Queen Allaway, however, was casually pointing her fan around the waiting area.

“Smash that. And that. That, too. Not that—that pretty. But that!

This scene had me laughing out loud for a full minute. You've definitely earned this fave.

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