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I'm not a very prolific writer, but I'll try my best to be one worth reading. Constructive critism and advice will always be welcome. Thank you for your time.

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That was rather cute. The initial competition for her attenion made me giggle.

Thanks for writing! :yay:


Thank you for reading, and thank you for adding it to your Favorites. I'm glad I could make you laugh.

So much d'awwwwww :rainbowkiss:


Just helping you get your daily-recommended dose of d'awwwwwws.

How... how have you managed to make Discord so adorable?



The key is not making Discord adorable.

It's recognizing that he's been adorable all along.

Welp, there goes my feels box.

Good job!:pinkiehappy: You get a cookie!

Very cute!

This should be an entry for the EFNW 2015 Pre-Con Contest.


Can you keep a secret?

...It is.

Thank you for the encouragement, though. The fact that you think it deserves to be in it is very gratifying.

In that case, I won't tell anybody. :raritywink:

Just FYI: I've read a handful of the other story entries for the contest and so far this is my personal favourite.

How cute! Discord and Angel working together worked out quite well, and that's not something you see all that much.


I'm glad I could do something cute and a little bit unique. Thank you for adding it to your Favorites.

Excuse me author, but I believe that thanks to you I have exceeded my maximum daily dose of d'awwwww. I can no longer find anything cuter than this, I hope you're happy.

I found them getting along so quick felt a bit jarring, but none of that detracted from how cute and sweet this entire piece was. I only wish I could get over colds that fast.


I am quite happy.

But is there really such a thing as too much d'awwwww?


It's a valid point. I guess, really, it came down to a matter of length. I'm glad you thought it was cute and sweet, though.

And all you really need to get over a cold is plenty of fluids, some bed rest, and a box of enchanted tissues that heal you instantly.


Oh. Wow. That hasn't happened in a while (FlutterdeathX21,007)


I'm not sure I understand. Did the cuteness make you explode?

5782175 Oh? Yeah. That happens, especially around Fluttershy. I got better, though.

A short, pleasant, and stupidly cute little romp. I liked it! And I'm glad that it wasn't the traditional "pony gets sick, rest of mane 6 come by" fic, 'cause those things are a dime a dozen. I'm glad you added your own unique twist to the equation.

The only main criticism I have for this story, I suppose, is the formatting: I think there's too many "emphatic italics." I see how you used italics to convey emphasis, but I found them rather distracting.

“Alright, rabbit,” Discord growled, “I don’t like you, and you don’t like me.”

In my opinion, this sentence doesn't really need any italics, much less two words formatted as such. There are a lot more of these events as well; with so many, they disrupt the cadence of the prose when extra weight is forced on words that don't necessarily need it. I'm not saying that all the italics are unnecessary: just a fair handful of them.

Just pointing out a little issue that, I think, smudges an otherwise great story. :raritywink:


Thank you for the insight. I admit, even as I wrote it I considered the possibility that I was using italics too much. When I visualize Discord delivering his lines, I imagine him emphasizing certain words, and I just italicize accordingly.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, though, and thank you for calling it unique.

5780277 Like I said, it was still adorably sweet and I love how well you captured their back and forth.:twilightsmile:

Now this is how you write a good story, this was a pleasure to read and in adding to my favourites. I thought that this was a well written story that had no errors. The pacing was perfect and your character representations were spot on. It felt like I had actually forgotten this was indeed a story and not an actual canon episode, which it should have been. Its not often you see any sort of positive relations between Discord and Angel.

Thanks for making me smile, you were indeed worth following my friend! Take care and have a good day!



Everything about this comment makes me so happy. I really don't know what else to say, except I'm glad to have you as a Follower.

Nice to see Discord and Angel getting along finally. :yay:


It certainly is.

The only question now is, how long will it last?

>>Everyday Until Fluttershy's not sick anymore. >:)

Ah, it's nice to see the most devious villain of the show finally make a friend.

Oh, and Discord too, of course.

I really liked this story, although I'm not too much a fan of 'character gets sick' scenario. Still, the focus felt like it was on Discord and the rabbit, and I liked that.


Angel deviously rubbed his little paws together, a smirk creeping across his face.
Now that I've made friends with the Tall One, he thought with a snicker, I shall never eat a subpar salad for the rest of my days!
Angel let out what was intended to be maniacal laughter, but really came out as adorable squeaks.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked it. I know that framing a story around a character being sick has been done many times before, but I hope I was able to add a little something to the genre.

Hello. Just letting you know that for reasons explained here, I've added your story to the Goodfic Bin (what with me being a story approver there and all.

Have a good one!


Thank you. I'm glad it was able to meet your standards.

Official EFNW Pre-Con Contest final round review

First of all, congratulations on making it this far; that means you're in the top 10%, at least. This is one of the more enjoyable ones I've seen so far, and the moment where Discord tries to cure her through subterfuge is precious. In the beginning of the story, I thought the theme of 'making new friends' wouldn't be used since there were no characters who were not already friends, but I didn't even think of Discord and Angel. That's a very innovative premise. Unfortunately, the excellent character play in the beginning didn't quite hold out, and everything else was a bit more straightforward and banal... but still not awful. I was also perturbed a bit that Fluttershy's reasons for not wanting a magical cure were never explained. It would have been nice if the last scene ended with her congratulating herself on manipulating those two into becoming friends. Still, a very good entry, and it goes high on my list.


First I'll say it's an honor to have made it so far in the contest. There are certainly high quality stories in this competition, so to find myself among them fills me with a sense of joy and pride.

Thank you for reading and leaving your thoughts. I'll know where to direct more focus in my future stories.

I'm glad you were able to enjoy it as much as you did. It brings a smile to my face.

Oh my gosh, how did I miss this story in the mist of the contest entries?!:pinkiegasp: Be still my Fluttercord beating heart this is so beautiful and so Squeeee(fan girl squeel):rainbowkiss::heart: I'm surprised that this didn't get far in the contest or at least won the Community Choice award. All the characters are spot on, the narration and dialogue is great, the plot is wonderful, and this makes me wish that this is an episode:yay: Question: Do you ship Fluttershy and Discord romantically or as friends? I have a feeling that you ship them romantically:raritywink:


Thank you for all of the kind words. I think a lack of exposure hurt my chances with Community's Choice, but I'm happy to have made it into the Honorable Mentions.

I generally pair these two up as friends, especially in my own stories. However, I really, really like it when Discord is portrayed with underlying romantic feelings for Fluttershy that he's unsure how to work through. (That may or may not have been the goal in this story...) I can certainly enjoy some actual romance between them, too, though.

Although I'm not sure how Angel would feel about that...

Anyway, I'm very glad you enjoyed this as much as you did, and thank you for adding it to your Favorites. I keep on reading your comment to myself, and it keeps on bringing a smile to my face.

Awww I'm so glad that my comment made your day:pinkiesmile: I was just preaching the truth, thank you for making my day with your story:heart::twilightsmile:
Alright, I can respect your opinion on the Fluttercord shipping and your flexibility in matter, it's completely understandable. As much as I ship them romantic, I also love them as a bestfriendshipping. If the show never makes them a couple, I'll be happy because they'll still have a strong bond with one another and they will always be together. As long as they don't ship Fluttershy and Discord with any pony else:ajbemused:, I'll be happy:pinkiehappy: I agree, I feel like that Discord has a definite underlying crush on Fluttershy but doesn't know how to handle it, I wonder if they'll address it on the show.

Aw, that was cute! And... wow. You made Angel a likeable character?

This was a heartwarming and enjoyable little story.


I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading and adding it to your Favorites.

A heartwarming, friendship-y story that I can imagine actually happening. Thank you for such a wonderful work.

What an adorable little story. I loved it <3

Full review here, but in brief: I like that you went the "cute SoL" route rather than the more obvious "broad comedy" one. It paid off. Have a fave!

That was very sweet. :twilightsmile:
Discord can be a good friend when he tries.

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