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Hey there everyone! I'm Pho3nix, and i'm just your typical fanfic writer... except I procrastinate... alot. I try to update as much as i can, just for you ^_^


When Rarity is designing new costumes for an upcoming school play, she gets an invention from her Great Aunt Brooch to come for her 50th birthday. However, it's not all that it's cracked up to be, as Golden Brooch has a hatred for anything lower than her social status. Rarity is already not enjoying her stay, but then she meets a certain Pink Filly...
(This is an entry for the EFNW 2015 Writing Contest)

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I think this was great!

The narrative voice is a little intrusive at times (like the comment about hoofball and the summary at the end, but that's relatively minor). Overall, not a bad little tale about Rarity and Pinkie's possible first meeting. Pinkie was particularly well-written and true to her character. I thought it was very nice and a good first effort. I hope you'll take the experience if you write more in the future. Good luck!

5878094 Thanks for commenting! :D And also thanks for the criticism. I'll go over what I've written so far for a new story right away!

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