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Read my fics. Comment on them, tell me if you like them or if I can improve something. If someone could make pages for them on tvtropes that would be great. Enjoy.


When Shining Armor and Cadance come to Canterlot to celebrate the anniversary of their wonderful wedding with Twilight Sparkle and her friends, they are visited by a strange stallion who desperately needs their help. Surprisingly, the strange visitor is Shining Armor from an alternate world where the Canterlot Wedding was a complete disaster. In that world, the betrayal of her loved ones and the deaths of both Cadance and Queen Chrysalis drove Twilight mad and caused her to succumb to her darkest emotions and become Equestria’s newest and most dangerous enemy: Midnight Sparkle. Allied with King Sombra and the Crystal Empire, she has waged a vengeful and merciless war against all who do not support her. Do Twilight and her friends have what it takes to save a world where certain events happened differently from those in their world?

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This fic shows promise. :)

interesting, continue

More! Let their hearts suffer with karma! :pinkiecrazy:

Nice beginning, but I'm gonna hold off on faving this until I see how often it's updated. Too many stories I take interest in drag out their updates more and more.

hell of an opening gotta admit,ill be tracking this.

as for chrysalis that was pretty stupid of her to mock twilight like that. some people are just to dumb to live. not that she didnt deserve it mind u

I've seen AU's of the Canterlot Wedding, but not like this. I'm also guessing Twilight learned how to use dark magic at some point.

you know your story title sounds like an anime title to me for some reason

maybe she knew she was about to die and wanted to destroy the magic of friendship before she did. I would say she succeed, Twi killed in anger and I doubt she and her friends will be able to go back to normal

7000546 Except that Queen Chrysalis was 100% right.

7000868 same here. It's probably b/c we watch too much anime, but there's no such thing as too much anime like watching to much mlp.

So is she being parted with sombra

7055054 just wait, it might not be what you think.

7055325 I want to see the to them to gether

I'm looking forward to see more of this story

I'm really sure that you should never accuse your copy of being a changeling unless there is proof of that.

Been waiting for this.

Quick, check him for a hidden goatee! He might be Evil Mirror Universe Shining! :pinkiegasp:

I'd think it be better if she's like Esdeath and she had beaten Sombra and made him her slave

7191307 Because the next chapter was getting pretty long and I was eager to post something new. But the next chapter will be here soon.

Short, but I understand the hard work. Keep it up!

a little shot for my taste, it's still good but I hope to see more soon.

Everything's too fast! Then again, Other Shining's just telling everypony what happened in his Equestria. I wonder if this will also affect the rest of the show. I mean, in this timeline, Twilight ascended, retrived her crown from Sunset Shimmer, helped her defeat the Sirens, cleared Ourtown, lost the Golden Oaks Library and defeated Tirek, befriended Starlight Glimmer and was there for the Crystalling and Flurry Heart's birth. But because Cadence died in the other timeline, Spike's essentially unemployed and homeless and Flurry Heart's not born. I've also wondered about the fates of Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer and the Dazzlings in the other timeline because of Twilight turning to the dark side.

Well, Starlight's a question mark. Sunset, I could think of 2 scenarios: she'll emerge from the mirror into the corrupt crystal empire and either A) Turn around and go back in, thinking there's too much risk, or B) Join Midnight so she can rule Equestria along side them. The Dazzlings are likely still doing what they were doing at the beginning of the movie, since the Element of Magic likely won't be taken there, and therefore Equestrian magic won't be introduced to that human world, which spurs their plans in the first place

7193842 The mirror portal should still be in Canterlot in this timeline. Remember it was there originally and was moved to the Crystal Empire later, most likely because Celestia knew that it would open during the Princess summit and she wanted it close in case Sunset came back, So Sunset would return to Canterlot, not the Crystal empire and would still have a chance to steal the element of magic.


Even then, the Elements are kept in a vault when not in use that only Celestia can open. And yes, Discord managed to get into it, but then, it's pretty much obvious that his power trumps Celestia's.

Nicely written, but I think you should not write "mane six" or "mane five" in the story itself. "The five friends" would fit better.

Pro: using the elements in the alternate timeline will fix everything

Con: this time periods Equestria will be left defenseless if the elements are taken

7194234 True. But, this is Sunset Shimmer we're talking about. If anypony could still figure a way past that it would be her. Which raises an interesting question: would Princess Twilight still be able to use the rainbow power in a different timeline or would she need to use the elements there? And what would happen if she had to get the element of magic back from Sunset at the same time? An interesting twist to that is that it takes Sunset longer to steal the element because it's in the vault and ends up trapped there while all this is going on.

Hmmm, thinking about it you bring up a good point about Sunset joining Midnight Sparkle, partly out of power and revenge, but because they both feel the same about the betrayals they perceived from Celestia. Would add a whole new layer of difficulty to resolving anything. Especially since Twilight knows deep down sunset is a good person, just consumed by her anger and hatred.

OH man! You beat me to the punch! You see I had a similar idea with Twilight killed Chrysalis for murdering Cadance and became a Tyrant. My fanfic would have been some-what based on Injustice: Gods Among Us. But this story is really good. Gonna read the other chapters before I decide to fav it.

Typical, just as you're enjoying a party with friends, family and the rulers of the land, the party gets crashed by a Doppelganger of your brother.

Great work!

Oooooo I love cliff hanger I love the story even thought it is short. Verry moving can't wait for more chapters. :pinkiehappy:

Ooohh...cliff hanger

[Oh Spike, my number one assistant.” Twilight said in a sarcastic tone and putting on a fake smile. “You’re Fired!” she said coldly with anger in her eyes.] that makes me think of this,

for Spike

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Well, good thing I lost interest in this when I did since it's 'on hiatus', which means 'dead' in my vocabulary.

8118449 Sorry about that, I've been having some serious writer's block on this one. But I'm almost through it. :twilightsmile:

8124205 Well, I'd like to hope so.

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