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The people of Equestria and Gaia may have a lot in common with each other, but when one world is populated by ponies that possess the gift of magic while the other has bipedal creatures that don’t, there are bound to be some differences.

They will have different traditions, different values, different beliefs, and different celebrations.

Of course, harmony and friendship is all about embracing the things that make people unique, and if there is going to be harmony between these two very different worlds, it is important for everyone to understand these differences.

Fortunately, there are a couple of girls who are very eager to learn.

A collection of short stories that take place in the same setting as my Harmony and Valor series, but are not part of its official canon.

Edited by GirlOfManyFandoms.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 177 )

Oh yeah, I forgot that Sci-Twi (or Sparky) and Shining's parents here dead in this universe.

This was hilarious! Great job. Ten out of ten, would read again. :pinkiesmile: Also, a small editing correction:

While Puppy Spike was licking his lips eagerly, Dragon Spike, who wore a collar with a dragon shaped tag to distinguish him from his counterpart, looked uncertain.

I'm pretty sure dogs lick their chops??? I don't actually know I'm probably wrong??? :rainbowhuh: My wifi is doing that evil thing where the loading bar goes like an inch and stays there so I can't Google it. But yeah! Grade A story.:twilightsmile:


I never expect you to expand to those two stories! But questions first, since you said religions, and you also mentions Mongolians.. Does that mean that in this series, these multicolored humanoid mirrors IRL humans history? I always like to taken them as a humanoid species whose history mirrors Equestria instead of ours.. Makes it all more fun to worldbuild from scratch then trying to fit them into our world (ex. Canterlot is in Toronto all along!)

I mean, Timber Spruce compare himself to Picasso in LoE.. But I can still makes some workaround that (Picasso, Einstein, and any other 'weirdly' named people are well known fantasy-genre fictional characters in EqGverse, like our Gandalf)

In the end, i really wish to can enjoy this series so Ill tune in for now! Thanks for writing this author, I always love worldbuilding fic!

Oh, this is going to be fun! Good first chapter, and really funny. Ever since that scene where we saw Twilight scarfing down hay burgers in Twilight Time, I love the idea of her being a big eater. She's a bookworm with a big appetite. That is a lot of food for just spending three days in the human world though. Yikes.

Then just before the Fall Formal, Applejack treated us all too some fried chicken wings.


A good start, and I like that I'm not the only one who thinks that not all the animals are sapient. I go with the head canon that at one point they were all talking animals like in Narnia, but then they did something really bad and now have to spend time around other sapient races (sometimes as pets or farm animals) in order to maintain sapience themselves. Fluttershy actually serves as an ambassador to them, since even the sapient ones usually can't talk.


since you said religions, and you also mentions Mongolians.. Does that mean that in this series, these multicolored humanoid mirrors IRL humans history?

When did I mention Mongolians? I know nothing about them. But to answer your question about the history of those multicolored humanoids, it's sort of half and half. Their world has a lot in common with our own, but there are just as many, if not more, differences between them. I was actually inspired to build this mentality by MythrilMoth, who consistently maintains that the Equestria Girls universe is not the same one we live in.

7605940 I think she may have eaten even more in The Wheel and the Butterfly.

You have no idea how long I've wanted to see something like this.

Nice. I really have high hopes for this one. You know i have seen some fics were the humane 6/7 visit the mane 6/7 but its never the other way around.

“Some bacon, some sausages, some breakfast ham, a cheeseburger, a double cheeseburger, a bacon cheeseburger, two hot dogs, a chicken patty, a four-meat pizza, a turkey sandwich, some spaghetti and meatballs, a roast beef sandwich with gravy, a some bratwurst, three beef tacos and three beef burritos, a T-bone steak, some roast duck, some sweet-and-sour chicken, some Mongolian beef, some barbecue ribs, some chicken tenders, and some bologna, although I’m entirely sure that last one was actually meat.

I really expected Shining Armor's response to this to be "What, no corndogs?" :trollestia:


Relevant: http://bakki.deviantart.com/art/Gulp-377532039 :pinkiecrazy:

I find your idea about a sapient minority of almost all species interesting, since it explains why most bunnies act like, well, bunnies, but Angel is Atilla the bun. (It certainly works better than my notion of him being a spy for an advanced race of fully sapient rabbits).

This is certainly a funny take on the "Twilight in human world" idea, especially with her certainly enjoying the local cuisine. Nice bit of history too, with how she's ok with non-sapient meat, and how most animals aren't, with a few exceptions. Best not to mention this to Fluttershy (either one) though.

If she went through that much food during just her first visit, wonder how much she sampled during her later trips (especially with Sunset friendlier by then).

FWIW, one of the big debates (at least in characterisation terms) I've seen on this subject is whether Twilight is so idealistic that the very thought of meat would horrify her or if she's so intellectually pragmatic that she'd simply say: "This is what this body needs to sustain itself" and just deal with it.

That said... remember the the hayburger bar in Twilight Time? Given food that tastes good, Twilight can be a glutton! :twilightblush:

“I know, but it was all just so GOOD!”

Probably the main reason I could never go vegetarian.

Show them how technologically capable we are plzzz

I liked it. Tracking it.
Assuming more chapters will be updating, will (either) Twilights be experiencing/discussing new experiences? And are you looking for "suggestions"?

I really wish the girls and the ponies would visit and become more familiar with each other in canon, but apparently that's not going to happen. So we need more fics like this one!


I really wish the girls and the ponies would visit and become more familiar with each other in canon, but apparently that's not going to happen.

The writers really need to open their mind more.

Think I'll track it. I haven't been able to find much material concerning the characters interacting with their human counterparts.

Interesting, nice first chapter. :twilightsmile:

There's a reason I'll never be a vegetarian in RL.

...I'm not going to go TOO deeply into what I think of this chapter, as anything I might say could and probably would start a million different flame wars; however, I WILL say this: everyone is entitled to their own belief: when someone has a different faith (or lack thereof) then you do, it's important to, for lack of terminology, hate the sin, not the sinner...
that said, I am PROUD to say that I believe in a God that went as far as to lay down his life for us mere mortals, despite us not deserving it in the slightest: if you believe in the same system, I'm glad to have met fellow Brothers and Sisters of the faith; if you don't, that is your right and as such will not hold it against you
however, issues of faith aside, can we all agree on one thing?

Half an hour later, Twilight's scowling face was illuminated in the alleyway's shadows by the flames of burning paper.
“You do realize that burning a library book is a crime in this world,” said Sunset, her eyes darting around as if she was looking out for cops.
“Totally worth it,” Twilight growled.

...after reading that passage, Twilight Sparkle is officially a 12 on the scary meter...

Was the jab at Christianity really necessary? Seriously. Why not break the mold of having Christianity as a punching bag? There are plenty of stories in other religions that are just as, if not more outrageous.

Besides that, this chapter was pretty good and I like that Sunset pointed out that religion was used as an excuse, but was not the cause of most wars in history. Seems like she's more educated than some people today.


“It's hard to say,” said Twilight. “I like those that share a lot of the same values as Equestria, but others make me glad that they're probably made up.”

Fruits of the Spirit = Elements of Harmony. That similarity is pure awesomeness! :rainbowkiss:

I'm enjoying Twilight's reactions to the little things humans live with.
Unless you've planed otherwise, any chance you can get Twilight to react on the "Zombie Culture", and various science fictions?

I will say that Flash as you have described him is an agnostic, not an atheist. In rather crude Latin/Greek:

a "no" theist "god" - atheist "no god"

a "no" gnostic "knowing" - agnostic "no knowing"

An atheist is one that absolutely refutes the existence of a god. An agnostic refutes the idea that we can ever know for sure, but does not absolutely refute the existence of a god. The two are commonly conflated, however, so the mistake is understandable.


The librarian snorted like she doubted that, but turned and walked away without another world.

Unless that's a commentary on world-creating librarians, I think she probably walked away without another word.

Discussing religion is always a dangerous quandary. To use the deep arguments often used by both sides is to invite ire, to stick to simple reductions is to risk being blase and predictable. I would say you took the safe route in the latter, although I cannot fault you for it. That said, the idea that all beings in Equestria are fundamentally aware of the existence of a higher power is something I haven't heard before. I might have to take that for myself. Gratzi for the headcanon.

Someone's going to need bypass surgery.:twilightoops:

Nice bit of exposition, I approve. Personally I follow the religion that there is only one god, but I respect other religions and their gods. I actually enjoy learning about other gods and their mythology just for entertainment or if they were to ever come up in some kind of show or movie down the line.

Twilight and Flash arguing over their own beliefs makes sense, people in real life have been known to do that too even over lesser beliefs. I'm glad they came to an understanding thanks to Sunset and that Flash is more open minded now. I don't think I've ever heard of Scientology but if Twilight was willing to burn a BOOK about it, it probably goes against a beliefs.


Was the jab at Christianity really necessary? Seriously. Why not break the mold of having Christianity as a punching bag? There are plenty of stories in other religions that are just as, if not more outrageous.

This was not a jab. This was simply Twilight's scientific mind's poor attempt to process a fantastic scenario that supposedly happened. I myself am a believer, and while I am not particularly passionate (I live a very secular lifestyle), the last thing I intend to do is mock anyone's religious beliefs.

oh, okay.

But, like I said. The rest of the chapter was pretty good and I like that Sunset is well enough learned in history to know that most conflicts in history were not caused by religion.

7696891 A reaction to a Star Trek: Next Gen equivalent vs Star Wars equivalent debate would be great for her reaction to science fiction!:rainbowkiss:

7696914 Or Blade Runner, Warhammer 30/40K, Or even The Jetsons cartoon.

7696917 Well, yeah, I guess. Same with Terminator and Robocop.

But I was talking more about epic nerd debates. The one I mentioned being one of the more infamous.

7696932 Oh , I know of the nerd debates...my aunt happens to drag me into them.

7696956 You've got a cool aunt.:rainbowkiss:

Most of my aunts and uncles see nerdy stuff as kid stuff. You know what I mean?

I'm glad they all agreed that Scientology was bunk. Because it is.

Sorry, I'm out. I understand you believe the ponies to have a different understanding of religion, but this is too dissimilar to my head canon for my taste.

I wish Bonnie was mentioned more as she is always overshadowed by Faust

Eh, horses eat meat IRL....there are quite a few Herbivores that eat meat if its layng around and they are hungry

Strictly speaking, a lot of atheists absolutely deny the existence of the standard theological deities - the Christian God, Muslim Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, etc. They don't categorically deny the possibility of a God in the sense of "some unknowable entity that is responsible for the existence of the universe" - they just, in the words supposedly said by astronomer Jean-Pierre Laplace to Napoleon, have no need for that hypothesis. :twilightsmile:

As for headcanon, I hold that Griffonstone has nothing [1] to do with the Griffon kingdom: it's just an autonomous city-state within the borders of Equestria, while the real Griffon kingdom is somewhere east accross the ocean, perhaps next to the Land of French Accents, judging from that Griffon in "Mystery on the Friendship Express."

[1] Grumble grumble stupid lazy writers grumble grumble taking fanfic's often wonderful elaborations on the show and giving us infantilized thimble-sized joke states grumble grumble :twilightangry2:

I mean, how can you stand to live in a world without any higher powers for you to believe in?

This view would probably be pretty different for ponies, what with their world being controlled in nearly every aspect, but here in the real world I've often wanted to ask a religious person the opposite question. Personally I can't imagine how I'd feel about life if I was convinced everything around me had been designed by a higher power. I find great beauty and comfort in the emergent nature of, well, nature, and planets and space and lifeforms and everything. If I thought it was all designed? For me, that'd be absolutely terrifying, like being a self-aware toy in a toybox. Or a self-aware Lego minifig.

Oh thank Go...odness. Goodness. Yes. I was prepared to see a flame war, and was glad to see none.

EDIT: Unless that burned book counts.

7698939 I was a little worried about that myself, but so far I seem pretty nonflammable.

I would like Twilight to encounter anime. I can see much shenanigans from such an encounter.

“Well, I’m actually more agnostic these days,” Flash admitted. “After I learned that magic was real and that my school was next door to an alternate universe filled with talking multicolored ponies, I decided to be a little more open minded about some things.”

That's a very healthy mindset to have. :derpytongue2:

Maybe if there were any recommendations I would make, I would want Twilight to explore the difference in technology between the two worlds and their reliance on it. Or maybe the film genres between the two worlds like Sci-Fi and superheroes, Equestria has movie theaters but they aren't seen that much.

Huh. I was expecting some sort of flame war in the comments after this chapter. Guess not.

Annnnnnnd you jinxed it.

Oh yeah, one of our all-powerful rulers had a psychotic break and developed a split personality that wanted to condemn the entire world to a slow and painful death, just so that she would be appreciated more.

Didn't the S5 finale show us that a world of eternal night was, in fact, feasible?

Though I suppose if Twilight hasn't given Sunset all the details of said romp through alternate timelines, then one could argue that Sunset might still believe otherwise.

I can definitely see each species believing that Faust appears as a member of their own species.

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