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After all of the adventures they have been through thanks to the presence of magic in their lives, the Rainbooms are more than ready for some much needed R&R, especially with Canterlot City’s 200th Anniversary fast approaching. In the midst of a week of games and special events leading up to the big day, Fluttershy hopes to raise awareness of the needs of rescue animals, Applejack plans to promote her family business, and Pinkie Pie and Rarity are both asked by the influential descendant of their beloved city’s founder to help prepare a big final event set to take place at their own school! Sunset Shimmer, meanwhile, is eager to continue her research on how Equestrian magic operates in the human world alongside her newest friend, the human Twilight Sparkle. Nothing, not even the antics of an abrasive student who resents everything the Rainbooms stand for, can ruin their mood.

Unfortunately the fun and games must be put on hold when they discover a dark figure who wields a new kind of magic that is more dangerous than anything they've faced before. When they call in Princess Twilight Sparkle to help investigate, she reveals that it may in fact simply be the tip of a much greater threat. The Rainbooms will need to pull out all of the stops in order to defeat this new menace. But can even the Magic of Friendship conquer a force created specifically to counter it, or will a new magic be needed to overcome the power of pure rage and destruction?

Edited by GirlOfManyFandoms.

Cover art by PaulySentry.

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Comments ( 17 )

So I have to ask this right now, and you can answer by PM if you want. The description says that the new magic steals "souls". Is this actually the case? Also, can it be reversed? I want to know if Gilda will be alright.

Good start. I liked Gilda's backstory and the closer look at the villains. Nice touch how Gilda still has a broken nose from Sci-Twi. Can't wait to see what happens next.

tracking this

Permission to come aboard, Cap'n! :rainbowdetermined2:


Well, if Gilda's not dead yet, I sure hope she ends up that way soon. Very few things actually piss me off, but animal abuse is #1 with a bullet, especially dogs.

7607501 I'm going for more of a fate worse than death angle.

Will the romance be between Twilight and Flash because if so, you should probably add his picture. Hope to see more soon; the old one seemed pretty exciting.

Nasty beginning. Not surprising that Gilda could have a story like this, though it is unfortunate. I'll keep an eye on this storyline.

Egads I took too long to get to this story. Awesome start!

You now the part when the guy was talking to the chief it reminds me of something I can't get my finger on it

Best guess is Emperor Palpatine talking to Earth Vader.

Good day. Will You continue the story or it is totally dead?

I'm planning to continue it, although I'm probably goingnto make some changes when I get to it.


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