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Mistakes Were Made... and Self Critiquing! · 10:47pm Oct 4th, 2014

Ha, so, I've got to stories out and reflecting on both of them, I'm not happy at all with either for the most part. I'll leave them up though because I think once I suck less at the whole writing thing I'll preen through the one-shots and re-work them to my liking. Also, I decided to adjust how I was going to post the one-shots because it's potentially much easier to see proper criticism and feedback from individual posts. I'm actually surprised that neither story has negative ratings, you

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I have been thinking about it! I'm just so busy nowadays. I play way too many sports. XD


You been thinking about writing another story at some point?

And thanks in return!

~Dran Kito

And as customary...

Thank you for joining my legion, chief!

~Skeeter The Lurker

259775 Oh, to a degree I suppose. ^_^

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