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After the events of "Yakkity Sax", Pinkie Pie tells the others what she intends to do now that she's been reunited with her beloved yovidaphone.

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I do so love novel, unexpected endings. And the characterization was great.


Poor Sunset.
She just cannot catch a break.

A great full ending to an otherwise slightly divisive episode. Also, great ending of the story with Sunset :rainbowlaugh:.

Yeah, considering how much Pinkie enjoyed playing the yovidaphone, I felt that her EQG counterpart might fell the same, and sound just as bad with it.:rainbowlaugh: I do hope I manage to spawn some EQG concepts involving the yovidaphone.:twilightsmile:

I saw you read mine. I see you had a similar idea with soundproofing and threw in a bit with EG to fill out the word count, while I went with an action sequence. Yours was funnier. :P I just had to do a Maud acrobatics bit though! :)

I had not considered her taking lessons from the masters. I had thought that would be too difficult a commute, but I suppose they CAN get to YakYakistan and back in (apparently) a single day, so it's not that much of an issue. Does raise questions about how fast that balloon is moving but that's another story. :P I thought an alternative was going to be proposed with Yona or her family. She might play a little and maybe one of her parents is a master? Hmmm... Now I'm wondering if I could make a short story out of that...

And the actual episode overlooked all of this. Not that the lesson they taught was a bad one but it felt like they ran out of time and needed just a minute or two at the end for either soundproofing or lessons to come up.

Way to Twilight'd it up Egghead.

I don't get it.:rainbowhuh:

That ending was brilliant!

Comment posted by Rainbowfan45 deleted Aug 30th, 2018

" Dear Princess Twilight, First off, we can officially confirm that items from Equestria can be transported through the mirror unaffected.

Second of all... "

Uh oh.....I know EXACTLY where this is going....

The halls of Canterlot High shook and all the glass threatened to shatter as the students and staff ran about screaming in panic. At the epicenter of the trouble, the music room, the Rainbooms had their ears covered in pain as Pinkie Pie blasted on the new instrument she had brought to practice.

....yep. Thought so........:pinkiehappy:

Hilarious ending ha!

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