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This story is a sequel to Star Falco

What define a hero? Is it bravely? Heroism? Or is it just stupidty? Those thought went through Falco's mind when he flew his Arwing into the enemy ship when he sacrifices himself to save Canterlot. For six weeks, the ponies of Equestria didn't know who save them, all they got was that it was a act of good that save them. Then a new threat arrived and the royal guards is powerless and princess Celestia won't do anything to stop this new threat, the Shadowbolts. Only four pegasus are up for the challengs, they are Star Bolts.

MLP/Star Fox crossover, I don't own anything..

This is a sequel to Star Falco, I suggest you read that before you read this story.

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This was a really good start my friend :pinkiesmile: I'm so glad to see you back again and I'm looking forward to seeing how the sequel will be turning out in future chapters

Comment posted by rip4thwall deleted Jun 30th, 2017

.... really? A 'Celestia is a coward' type scenario? I... yeah no I'm turning away from this. Sorry.

It really looks bad when you delete comments on your stories, you know...

Your long description is still rife with errors. Good job on fixing the title and short description, though...

I like this story please keep it up with the story line I do want to see what happens!

yes I did my man and I want to ask if you could keep it up I want to see more in this story because it is certainly getting entertaining!

I am hoping that you get the next chapter up and running as soon as possible my friend

Great chapter I’m so really happy to see a new chapter again and happy that you will be continuing writing once more keep up the good work

Wonderful chapter as always looking forward to seeing the next one

What about Falco's joke when it came to Trixie and the rabbit?

Did you continued? No. Please, update it asap. I'm looking foward.

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