After a godly wager gone wrong with the God and Satan of another universe, Celestia gets ahold of a special man named Dave. A simple, sixty year old construction worker, but he's not alone. He's bringing the busty, but good hearted, demoness Sarah, the wild lab experiment Kell, and the regular asshole Asa.

Why? Because every now and then, you need to shake up the status quo to keep your favorite shows interesting.

A crossover between Jumbled Thoughts and an athropomorphic version of My Little Pony. You can find the source material here, and it updates three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and is much like this story, though perhaps a little more grounded.

Also, thank you Tatsurou for helping inspire this! In fact, like his comments that inspired this, please feel free to leave comments below for what you'd like to see happen with this mingling of worlds!

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 11 )

This is going to be fun.

If Dave, Sarah, Kell, and Asa were voiced, what would they sound like?

8705134 I would likely say that Dave has a deeper, wise voice, but rougher to match his appearance. Sarah would likely sound dignified and proper, like a princess, while Asa sounds like a normal, moody teenager. Kell of course would be a bit higher pitched and loud due to her being, well, a bit wild. Of course, this isn't hard and fast since it's a written story.

i don’t know the source materiel; but i am loving this so far.

A very interesting change of pace for my day. More please!

Because every now and then, you need to shake up the status quote to keep your favorite shows interesting.

Status quo.

Yay Tatsurou! Yay Poker! Yay Dave! Yay Ponies! :twilightsmile:

I believe that about covers it? :twistnerd:

8706957 I would probably say yes.

8705282 I hope it helps you decide to check out the source material then as, well, I am the writer for that too after all. ^^;

i planed on it a bit later down the line. i still have to work this week. unless you mean you want me to play hooky?

870723 no, no, I'm not going to endorse that especially if I want you to pay me :p

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