• Published 1st Feb 2018
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Jumbled Thoughts Are Magic - Michael Hudson

Even Celestia decides she wants a piece of this saint's ass, even if he comes with three hot little devils too.

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Fluttershy swallowed hard as she stepped out of her little cottage. The new house wasn’t too close to hers, but… Where had it come from? All she knew was that she’d been stampeded in her bed by six dozen different friends of hers trying to tell them about it. About the new house on the edge of the Everfree.

Did it belong to a new pony that moved from the Everfree? But then how was it built so fast? Did she somehow not notice it before? No, she was too nervous, and had too many animals to take care of outside for her not to notice.

No, this was new, and her friends wanted an answer to what it was. She considered getting Rainbow Dash, or AJ, or even Rarity to help her out, but she didn’t want to wake them up. Not at this time of night. No, she would do it. She would manage to say hi to her new neighbor hers-


“AH!” Fluttershy raced back for her cottage, running at full speed back, but she could feel how slow she was compared to whatever had appeared. Could watch as a blur passed by her, and then slammed a clawed hand onto her front door, slamming it shut.

The creature’s twin colored eyes, one purple, one blue, turned to her as she saw fangs in the girl’s wide smile.

And then, she jumped into the air, shouting, “Kell wins,” before landing back down, crouched as her hands landed in the dirt, and she looked back at Fluttershy with her wide grin. Fluttershy could now tell just how pale the girl’s skin was as the moonlight bathed the both of them in dim, white light.

This also helped Fluttershy realize that whatever this girl was, she was almost naked, kept covered only by small, white panties, and a wrap over her flat chest. Fluttershy quickly looked away as she stepped back, trying to figure out what was going on, before the girl before her spoke again. “Oh, I’m sorry. Sarah keeps trying to teach me to introduce myself, so, uh, Hi! I’m Kell! Who are you, fuzzy lady?”

Fluttershy swallowed hard at the extended hand to her, before looking back up at Kell’s face. How it was framed by slowly growing blue hair. She looked… sincere. Weird and dangerous, but… Not bad. Not aggressive. She’d seen that from plenty of angry predators before, and this wasn’t that.

Fluttershy reached back out, slipping her fingers into Kell’s, smiling at the girl as she slowly shook her surprisingly firm grip. “I’m Fluttershy, and… Where is your coat?”

Kell glanced down at herself, before tilting her head. “Coat? It’s not like it’s winter or anything. Kell is quite warm actually. What Kell wants to know is how you got boobs bigger than Sarahs! Kell doesn’t even know if she can make hers that big.”

Fluttershy blinked a few times, trying to grasp what that last line could mean, let alone the rest of it, before her eyes widened. Her face turned red, but she couldn’t look away. She had seen Twilight use magic once to try something like this but…

This creature’s, Kell’s, boobs were growing. And in fact, growing large enough to start straining the wrap over her chest, which finally made Fluttershy squeal out, “Stop,” as she grabbed Kell’s shoulders to try to stop her. “Your bra is going to break if you keep going like that!”

Kell giggled at the notion, Fluttershy’s action having brought them close enough for their breasts to be touching, and now she could tell better if she actually could beat out the other girl. Or creature. Or horse? She wasn’t sure exactly, but she let her breasts continue to grow, even as the fabric on her tore. “What’s the matter with that? It’s just us girls out here.”

Fluttershy could just picture what Rainbow Dash or Rarity would do to such a statement, only making her grasp on the situation get worse as her head felt like it was going to melt. “W-Well, I mean, you should try to stay d-decent, shouldn’t…”

And then she looked back into Kell’s eyes. How they shook and shuddered. How every part of the girl’s body was shaking like an animal backed into a corner, despite the smile she wore. “What… What’s wrong?”

Kell was quiet for a moment, before she looked around herself, and then looked back at Fluttershy, her bright blue hair now turning dark. “Where am I? Something felt weird, and now…”

Fluttershy slowly wrapped her arms around the girl, a little hard to do now that they were the same cup size, but Fluttershy had dealt with this so many times before with orphaned, little animals, holding her tight as she whispered, “It’s okay. Relax. Your home is still there, and now you have a friend.”

Kell gasped, before asking, “You’ll be my friend?”

Fluttershy smiled back. “Of course.”

“I made a fr-”

“Kell, shut the fuck up! It’s three in the morning!”

Both of the girls in front of Fluttershy’s looked back at the other house in the clearing, listening to the sound of a window being shut, before Fluttershy turned to Kell, who was scratching the back of her head as highlights of yellow came to her hair. “Sorry. That’s my friend Asa. She really cares about her sleep.”

Fluttershy merely nodded, wondering why she had to get the new, strange thing to happen to her, before smiling as Kell smiled at her. At least she had managed to make one of them her friend, she supposed.

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