• Published 1st Feb 2018
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Jumbled Thoughts Are Magic - Michael Hudson

Even Celestia decides she wants a piece of this saint's ass, even if he comes with three hot little devils too.

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Fight Me

LunarPrincess127: Thou hast been graced by my challenge! Shall ye fall before Alduin’s wrath, peasant

AsaRockx: Pfft. Alduin got nothing on my beasts, and knowing this new server, you should be calling me master.

LunarPrincess127 Thou hast not seen such disrespect in five matches! You dare bring such words into the sacred realm of Hearthstone?

AsaRockx: Look, I rocked it back in my world, so don’t feel bad that some horse can’t take my fire and claws.

LunarPrincess127: You make us laugh! Hahaha! Face my soldiers and tremble in fear for your demise!

AsaRockx: Oh, I will tremble so much as my one drop candle can kill them. Sorry, but you’re going to have to try a little harder to do better than to keep eating arrows in the face.

LunarPrincess127: We have our own weapons, peasant, and your animal companions mean nothing to it!

AsaRockx: Careful how you swing that cludgeol. A little harder, and it might just break on my hides.

LunarPrincess127: And if thou keeps trying to find my face, thou shall pay for it in spades when I bring out my champion!

AsaRockx: Oh, that old legendary? Yeah, I should be so afraid of one lucky pull you got. It’s going to take more that to beat my hounds.

LunarPrincess127: Thou efforts were grand, but you failed to kill us! Now next turn our Ashbringer finds your neck.

AsaRockx: Say, look at my little, unused Hero Power.

Don’t thou dare.

I think I dare.

Thou princess commands you sto-

Luna didn’t get farther in her message before the pony on the other side finished the match. She had lost matches before, but this one… This was the first one not to recognize who she was. The first not to give her the respect deserving of her position.

The first one to have angered her on a personal level.

Asa on the other hand, in a pair of black yoga pants and a yellow shirt with the Hearthstone symbol on the front of it, hummed to herself as she went out of the play area, looking back into her match history. She was just about done doing what Dave told her she ‘had’ to do, when the force of something teleporting into her and Sarah’s room pulled her hand back.

And there stood Princess Luna. Her heavy chest stuck forward, assisted by her folded arms that were set beneath them. Her eyes bore down through Asa as she leaned down, studying the odd creature, before dismissing it. It did not matter how strange this thing was. It still should have known its place.

Luna extended one hand, her voice booming through the house with such force that it would have shaken lesser craftsmanship. It did not save the demoness in the room from falling out of her bed in shock though as the princess spoke. “Thou are but a mere child, and yet thou so openly shows thyself in rebellion to the ruler of your land. Thou has no respect, no courtesy, and worse of all plays such a horrible class as Hunter! What say thee?”

Asa smiled a little before looking back at her computer as she hit a request for a fight and to become friends with the LunarPrincess127. “I’d say I have no idea what you’re talking about, and that I’m wondering if this ‘princess’ has enough balls to face my Rogue deck too. Or is she scared?”

Luna’s eyes widened, before she shouted, “We shall show thee how little fear we have,” before teleporting away.

Sarah slowly got up as Asa turned back to her computer, panting from waking up as she had and asked, “You know she could have killed you, right?”

“You know, with how bright and colorful this place is, I think I would have found it more interesting that way.” She didn’t dare look at Sarah though, unable to stop smiling at herself as Luna began shouting at her in the chat again as she chose a Druid deck.

Author's Note:

Sorry for any and all non-Hearthstone fans that I confused with this.

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