After a lackluster crop for the Apple Family, Applejack and Pinkie Pie go to... unorthodox methods for help. Namely Twilight. No, not that Twilight.

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To which Sunset, who was in camouflage given to her by Rarity for… reasons, would have reacted to had she not still been hyperventilating in a bush from ‘bacon princess’.

I have several questions...

Just… sitting there with small saprolings that had leaves already blooming,

I know what you mean, but as a Magic player, this is a wonderful mental image as-is. Grow your own farmhands! (Farmtendrils?)

Huh. I wasn't expecting potato blight. Still, botanomancy for the win, along with a hopefully averted disaster. This didn't go at all as I expected, and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Thank you for it.

This was good fun. I enjoyed this.

Ri2 #3 · 1 week ago · · ·

...Bacon princess, huh?

9624567 As a fellow magic player, you put awful, wonderful images in my mind. I'm also Blue/Black trash though, so I always have awful ideas with Magic. :P

As for your questions, me and Rarity don't care:

Potato blight? Yeah, Applejack. You're gonna need some help.

Nice little fic. :)

I think my long-dead Irish ancestors just sneezed.

Wait when did scitwi go to ponyland?

9628030 The Summer Vacation EqG special I believe. I have no idea what the name is, but I made sure I knew at least some of the details from a friend who had seen it when I went about writing this.

No wonder this doesn't make sense.. I don't play magic

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