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Michael Hudson

Original Works. It was a good run.


A plan to get a mare to be naked around him seems like something Discord would do in his free time. Something he would snap his fingers for a day of some stupid fun. So, why is it that he's shaking so bad because of his plan for Fluttershy?

Teen sex for naked Fluttershy, but nothing more.

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Comments ( 6 )

This was a surprisingly deep story, and I enjoyed it immensely.

This was quite enjoyable. A good plot, with some teenage hormone humor.

That was really cute. I loved the little forth wall humor thrown in. Very enjoyable. /)

This was adorable! I came expecting comedy but this was so much better

I’m confused, aren’t the pony’s technically always naked?

9832190 Anthro depictions usually also include them wearing clothes.

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