Getting Comfortable

by Michael Hudson

First published

A tale about Discord's plan to get Fluttershy to be naked around him, and the full reasoning behind it.

A plan to get a mare to be naked around him seems like something Discord would do in his free time. Something he would snap his fingers for a day of some stupid fun. So, why is it that he's shaking so bad because of his plan for Fluttershy?

Teen sex for naked Fluttershy, but nothing more.

A Plan Goes Awry

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Discord bit into his cheek as he waited for Fluttershy to come downstairs. He’d been staying at her home more and more nowadays, and arriving this early for months now.. It was all for a goal, a goal he’d been seeing progress to, but slowly. In fact, for the past month, he kept hoping for the next piece of progress to come, but it refused to. No matter how many times he saw her, she wouldn’t take that next step.

Of course, he knew that now that he was in a story, this had to be the day. It wouldn’t be entirely practical just to write about his failure, so he leaned back and breathed out a sigh of relief. Of course, he knew that he might still need to work for it, but it still helped to ease his nerves.

His attempts at calming down went out the window as he heard the door upstairs open. Only Fluttershy could make him this tense, and he wished he could blame it on his plan. On the fear of failure, but it was his feelings towards her that had made this plan.

And, if it worked out, he could slowly work on finding a place in her life where he would never have to worry again. Where he’d never expect the same heartache to come as the day he became reformed.

And, like the angel she was, she descended down the stairs. Not a shred of cloth was on her body, but he always knew that he’d get a moment to see this. In fact, before his plan, he often hid as a fly in her house to see this. To gaze upon the body belonging to a princess that was on a regular mare. Supple breasts, wide hips that gave her an hourglass figure, shining, yellow fur, and a grace that only nature could give somepony.

His breath was taken away as she got to the last step of stairs. She had reached this point for a while now, though it also made him have to come more infrequently. Afterall, if she was expecting him, she’d come down in her clothes, unlike this. Unlike how he wanted her always to be.

Fluttershy looked up, and Discord blushed a little, more for her sake than his actual feelings, and watched as she froze up.

She then put a hand on her collarbone, and breathed out. “G-Good morning, Discord.”

Discord’s heart began pounding in his chest as he tried to remind himself that he was in a story. That he could calm down, but that was impossible at this point. Not when this was the first time she didn’t at least walk back up the stairs. They’d usually talk after she was dressed. After she was in something more uncomfortable, not while she was like this.

“Good morning, Fluttershy. Did you sleep well?”

Fluttershy nodded, a bright red tinge beginning to grow on her cheeks as she looked away from him. Her being nervous was fine. She was already being more comfortable with him, and that’s what mattered. She was willing to come to his way of thinking.

See, he had figured out a good while back, before all of this, that Fluttershy preferred to be all natural around her home, and even in her gardens. Her animals would warn her while she was outside, and she kept a full change of clothes hidden by the front door that she could quickly change into. The mare’s link with nature was far stronger than her shyness in this regard though, hence why she came down naked most mornings.

Discord’s plan such, was to make it so she didn’t care being naked around him, especially since she never knew when he would show up. So far, it seemed like he had reached it. His next step would be to make her comfortable with listening to him. Following his directions. Making her start trusting him entirely, so that when he finally suggested they be together, she would never want to leave, and he could simply relax.

Fluttershy began her destruction of half of that with the her next question. “Discord, why have you been doing all of this?”

Discord blinked for a moment, before waving his paw at the question. “Doing what? Coming to see my best friend? I thought that was something you ponies encouraged.”

Fluttershy slowly took a step towards him. It was obvious the monumental effort it took for her to do so, and her body shook a little as she got closer to him. “No, not that. I’ve noticed our talks each morning. Why do you want me to always be naked with you?”

Discord swallowed hard, quickly making the decision that a bit of loss time was better than losing everything. “Well, with a mare like you, isn’t that any stallion’s dream?”

Fluttershy nodded, and then, with surprisingly easy steps strode over to the couch, and sat down next to Discord. The ease of it all made Discord want to jump through a portal to a whole different timeline, and the fearful eyes that gazed into his only made it worse. “Why don’t you make me then?”

Discord paused for a moment, before whispering, “Make you…”

Fluttershy glanced away, her arms coming up to hide her chest as she shook a bit more. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out this time. Discord had been right to be surprised at how quickly she had moved, and he now saw the consequences of it. She wanted to be closer to him, but like this she just couldn’t…

She wanted to be closer to him…

He furrowed his brow, before deciding to put the plan to the side for a moment. Not when things may need to be re-evaluated soon. “Fluttershy, I’m reformed. I would never simply make somepony be close to me, not anymore. Besides, there’s always a certain part of the pony that’s just lost when I do it that way. It’s part of the reason why I let Twilight break herself.”

“Then…” Fluttershy swallowed hard, her fists balled up as she couldn’t look at him. “Why… are you trying this… with me? Why are you so… determined?”

Discord bit his tongue as he looked at his beauty, before having a piece of paper rip itself up behind him. “Because you’re my first friend Fluttershy, and I fear that you’ve become more than that, so… I don’t want to feel the pain I’ve likely brought to you with so many of my own awful decisions.”

Discord looked away as he began to let his colors fade. He was ready to leave, especially since he even had managed to screw up by mentioning his failures. What stopped him from going entirely was a hand wrapped around his claw.

“Discord… With nopony else could I have ever left that first step naked. Or even talked about being like… this with them. I’m still terrified even now, but for you…”

She finally looked back at him, “With you I’m willing to make myself vulnerable, so can you please be so with me?”

Discord looked down at her, before nodding. He then popped to existence a blanket over his beloved, and got up himself. “I suppose I should get ready for tonight then, for what better way to make myself vulnerable than to try to do something normal like take you to dinner?”

Fluttershy smiled back at him, her face almost entirely red as she whispered, “And I’ll try making you breakfast like… this, next time you come by.”

Discord nodded, before stepping to the door. “Then I shall see at seven.”

And with a snap, he was at home, and… Content. Comfortable he’d even say.