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Just a guy trying to do stuff that seems like a good idea, then decides isn't, and ends up deleting it. If you've seen one of my stories then wow you've got quick reflexes I delete those quite a bit.

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by Faust

I've had this idea for a while, so I decided to write it down and publish it. Just a short second-person story about how some of us have the courage to do the things we thought difficult... And how some of us don't.

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You hoped, you dreamed, but you never wanted it to happen like this. You can't help but be disgusted with yourself as you race to save her in a world that would gladly tear her apart.

(Note: I am posting this only because I want to. I had no intention to until it was finished, but my current writer's block on my other stories made me write more for this, so here you go. Don't have any special editing thingie-ringies, so deal with a few mistakes. Have fun!)

Chapters (1)
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