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Rainbow Dash loses a bet. Now she has to buy Twilight lunch.

3rd place finalist in the TwiDash 3.5 Contest!

Editors: IRpony and Enter Madness

Vector of Rainbow Dash by Sairoch

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Celestia looked up at a sun that wasn’t hers, and for the first time in centuries knew fear.

Equestria is under siege and Celestia is nowhere to be found. Now it falls to Luna to hold the fractured nation together, while Twilight unravels the mystery of her mentor’s disappearance, and everypony prepares for war. Meanwhile Celestia, stranded on a foreign plane, must come to terms with the fact she may never see Equestria again.

A Magic: The Gathering crossover, though probably not like one you've read before. Explicitly written for those with zero knowledge of MTG.

Thanks to my prereaders/editors, to whom I am greatly indebted.
happybirthdaygummy, EldritchSpires, FanOfMostEverything, BladedThesis, SpaceCommie, and Kobalstromo

FOME was especially helpful in his knoweldge of the MTG universe. If you like that kind of stuff (believe me, you do) check out his epic epic Elementals of Harmony.

The picture I used in the cover image is by Cosmic Unicorn

The vectors of Celestia's, and Twilight's cutie marks are by blackgryph0n

The vector of Luna's cutie mark is by Hawk9mm

And thanks to GhostOfHeraclitus for graciously allowing me to use his OC: Dotted Line. Dotted is the star of perhaps my favorite piece of fiction on the site: Whom The Princesses Would Destroy... which is a must read. (My story does not in any way shape or for reflect the universe of Ghost's Celestial Bureaucracy. If it did, it would have been a better story.)

Chapters (3)
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