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Victory over Equestria seemed so certain for Queen Chrysalis... until it was torn from her hooves at the last minute by the efforts of Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Shortly after that embarrassing defeat, Chrysalis's entire army is imprisoned by squat little green creatures she can only assume are agents of Celestia, while she herself is soon isolated from her subjects and cut off from her connection to the hive mind. Alone, for the first time in her life, Chrysalis struggles to survive long enough to reunite with her own kind.

Inspired somewhat by Shadowflash's Thanatos' Creed, this is my attempt at writing a Fallout crossover with a bit of an unconventional twist.

Pre-read by Shadowflash and Best Pony.

Rated Teen because it's a Fallout story and contains violence.

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In a steampunk-inspired setting where Equestria is ruled not by immortal Princesses but by a democratically-elected Emperor, two rival casts of characters compete to find treasure left behind by Nightmare Moon.

Main cast consists of a mix of my own creations and favorites from the show. All mane 6 will have at least one appearance before the end, as will some of my favorite villains and side characters.

Cover art by me.

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