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Victory over Equestria seemed so certain for Queen Chrysalis... until it was torn from her hooves at the last minute by the efforts of Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Shortly after that embarrassing defeat, Chrysalis's entire army is imprisoned by squat little green creatures she can only assume are agents of Celestia, while she herself is soon isolated from her subjects and cut off from her connection to the hive mind. Alone, for the first time in her life, Chrysalis struggles to survive long enough to reunite with her own kind.

Inspired somewhat by Shadowflash's Thanatos' Creed, this is my attempt at writing a Fallout crossover with a bit of an unconventional twist.

Pre-read by Shadowflash and Best Pony.

Rated Teen because it's a Fallout story and contains violence.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 50 )

Two people who like to pretend I matter suggested this story.

I'm glad they did.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Shadowflash whored for you rather hard, so coming to take a look.

It's finally here! So badass! :pinkiehappy:

That giant horn in the story picture just tells me that Chrysalis was buried under those ruins, and is of titan sized proportions.

That was actually pretty bad-ass.

'gubment came and took ma baby!

Very enjoyable so far. Keep it up!


2822061 Thanks. I'll try and accomplish something resembling a weekly schedule, if at all possible.

2820530>>2820212 If an exposition-heavy chapter with an action scene I wrote at 4 in the morning qualifies as badass, then I hope I don't disappoint later on in the story when I'm actually trying for badass action. Glad you're enjoying it so far.

2819895 I'm glad they did as well! I appreciate the support.

Very good, my friend. Never really liked Chrysalis, but your depiction of the Enclave has been top-notch so far. Keep doing what you're doing.


2824107 I certainly will try. One of my goals with this is to portray villains of both MLP and Fallout in a more positive light, so perhaps with luck you'll warm up to having Chrysalis as the lead.


2827476 Got me. Sometimes the site takes a bit to catch up, but that's my best guess.

This was epic awesome! Gary# 24 approves!


2842668 Glad you enjoyed it. I'll try to keep up momentum with the second chapter.

Hey~! You actually did it! I'm Liking this... Good premise, good depiction AND it's a crossover of two of my favourite things~


2869927 Good to hear :twilightsmile:
Working on the second chapter. Hope to keep things entertaining for everyone.

2870119 If it was as good as the first, I see this being popular! Hell, with some extra encouragement, maybe you'll write up some chapters for your other story~

Productivity! Good to see another story of yours ^.^

Chrysalis is quite the badass. Shame that fate always shits down her throat.

Yaaaaaaaay! You finally managed to update! Keep 'em comin'!


3412483 I'm hoping not. A lot of the problem with this chapter was I wrote about 5,000 words of stuff that was absolutely useless. I had to scrap the whole thing because it just ruined things I want to do much later down the line, and so I had to basically start all over. Add that to regular writer's block, my moderator job here on the site, real life, and GTA V, and you get a two month lapse between chapters.

However, what was supposed to be chapter 3 (the bits that didn't totally ruin the story arc) has been cannibalized into 4 and 5, and I know pretty much all the specifics. It's just a matter of getting it to paper. I've spent more time thinking about this section than anything save the initial concept, so I think it'll not suck. Hope so, anyway.

Believe me, nobody hates my lack of productivity more than me. If everything worked out like I'd hoped, I'd be into double digits by now.

Oh cool, new chapter~

Yay, now write next chapter little faster :P

Fantastic! Don't stop!

Later so going to find out she no longer on her home world.

Man i just love this fic, how you play her just in the way.

As the old saying gose they get what's coming to them and she going to get it

This is an amazing concept, and it's so well written! I'm glad to have found this story, and I'm also happy you decided to focus on Chrysalis...I think this is the first Changeling/Fo:3 crossover I've seen!

I'm happy to see the dark change of events; I loved how she thought of "every" possible solution but still got outsmarted by them. Maybe next time dearest Chrysalis will succeed, and, for myself, I'll be waiting for the next chapter to bring good or bad news regarding her!

Been awhile, but at least you gave us a sizable chunk to read. Good luck writing the next bit.

Hell man! You can't end this on a cliffhanger!


4020593 Glad you're enjoying it. She certainly seems to be succeeding at the moment, doesn't she? We'll see how that pans out.

4041360 In my head, this chapter and the next were going to be one chapter. Then the word count exploded and I decided to stop. It's not a good place to end, I know, but it was the best of all my options.

Now for the actual escapey part...

Yeah, making us wait longer just to dump 16k+ words on us would be cruel ;)


4041442 Yeah, I usually break up chapters roughly every 5-10k words. This next one should be exciting, though, since it's designed as the payoff to which the current chapter was leading up to. At the risk of giving some of it away, this is the last chapter of this Chrys-trying-to-escape arc, so it'll be as big a punch as I can deliver before things settle back down a bit.

4041484 i woder how mind fucked she going to have when she find out she in a war torn world that would love to kill her ever by riaders, becasue raiders or known to kill there own kind when there mad at eact other.

And i bet shell not live long

ohay, this updated... I thoroughly enjoy this

I eagerly look forward to the next chapter.:pinkiehappy::yay:

That bit about Autumn and Forrest escaping an oil rig "some moron in a vault-tec jumpsuit" left on the bottom of the ocean... Is that a reference to one of the earlier games? I've never played the first two myself, and I've only seen Spoiler Warning play through 3 and New Vegas. On a side note, you're characterizing these... Characters much better than Fallout 3's actual writers did. Also, this story actually makes sense!:pinkiehappy:


4046242 Indeed. It'll come up multiple times later on in the story, but the events briefly summarized there are the events during and after the climax of Fallout 2. Autumn and my character Forrester were born ~2222 on the old oil rig which was the Enclave's headquarters on the West Coast. In 2242, the player character of Fallout 2 ("The Chosen One") destroys the oil rig and nearly wipes out the Enclave. The Enclave you fight against in Fallout 3 is at least partially made up of people originally from the West Coast organization, and since Raven Rock was uninhabited apart from Eden until they showed up, it makes sense that a good number of their somewhat younger members (Fairlight, who's in his 30s) were born on the journey east. People on the oil rig havin' sex n' stuff, not realizing their home's going to be blown up in a couple months.

Glad you're enjoying the story, though. I'm trying to pick up the pace with writing it so it doesn't take forever.

You really are a great wordsmith, crafting your story with amazing plot's, twists of said plots, background, character development, everything else! I must also admit, you characterize Chrysalis as what I'd say to be a super genius, which is how I typically think of her. This story is going so well, I can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:


4066853 I'm glad it's entertaining you, and I do hope I can get this next bit written soon. Chrysalis gets too much shit for messing up Cadance's personality, and that's one of the wrongs I was hoping to right through this. I like the idea of her rapidly generating dozens of plans and backup plans and being able to totally change her game around on the fly, and play off huge setbacks like they were just a part of the plan all along. It's a similar sort of arrogance that Colonel Autumn was practically dripping with all through FO3, and so I like to think they make a good match.

Couldn't agree more Eldorado, Autumn really was an arrogant prick. :rainbowlaugh: I'll let you get back to your wordsmithing now.

There's not even any evidence Chrysalis did mess up Cadence's personality besides not knowing who Twilight was (apparently Shining Armor talks about his sister as much as she talked about him in previous seasons).

Remember, that Twilight has a habit of putting authority figures on pedestals and not accurately being able to predict their actions or personality. Just look at her interactions with Celestia.

All Cadence/Chrysalis did was: Throw away an apple when she wasn't hungry, cast a spell she had an excuse for behind closed doors, and be demanding about her wedding preparations-- but no more demanding than the Elements of Harmony were about their Gala costumes (we had a whole episode about this) and they weren't evil imposters at the time.

Twilight's friends had every reason to disbelieve her. She was right as much by accident as anything else.

Been reading the story... when will you continue it... its oh so good... :rainbowkiss:


5022124 eeeeeventually. I know where I want to go with it, but I've just been struggling with getting words down that aren't terrible, and it's been hard finding time to write.

5022187 I know what you mean... well good luck... *sits and waits*

Can't wait for more.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

It been long time hasn't


6152962 Yes it has.

Unfortunately I've been working on non-pony things lately, so I honestly have no idea when or even if I'll get back to this. Unfortunate, I know, but there it is.

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