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"From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it." Groucho Marx


Twilight agree's to be a test subject in order to help Fluttershy master her stare ability. What can go wrong?

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That chill you get at the end... :pinkiecrazy::twilightoops:

Has anyone ever suggested before that Fluttershy's "stare" is hypnotic? It's mostly just intimidating, isn't it?

I really liked this story, but the grammar was a bit off, you missed a bunch of apostrophes indicating ownership, but other than that, it was good.

Oh my god...
So Twilight Switched bodies with Pinkie Pie and when Pinkie Pie realized something was u they tied her down and the mane six accidentally made her think she was Twilight...
Holy shit that's some dark stuff right there...

Creative license, though I think most of us are more likely to be awed and mesmerized by this character than frightened of her.

so twilight performed a body swap spell and pinkie became twilight and vice versa then pinkie/twi was caught and hypnotized into thinking she really is twilight and now twilight is stuck as pinkie but doesnt know it? thats a really confusing concept ill probably need it to be explained to me (stupid aspergers)

4032007 :twilightsmile: is unhappy w/ being a princess. She's decided it would be better to be :pinkiesmile:. She casts a spell to switch their bodies. :pinkiegasp: wakes up in :twilightsmile:'s body, freaks, and runs to :ajbemused::yay::rainbowwild: and :raritywink: for help. Through a misunderstanding, they use :yay:'s stare to make :pinkiesmile: believe she's :twilightsmile:. The real :twilightsmile: (now in :pinkiesmile:'s body) wakes up, happy with how things turned out.
The end.

4034808 i get it now but still a confusing concept to grasp thanks for explaining

4031689 FIX YOUR GRAMMAR! I have seen a lot of stories with horrible grammar. Use Microsoft Word for cryin out loud! Has ANYONE ever heard of it?

Word? What's that?

Is that something like pages for osx?

4036454. It's the name of a program. Microsoft Word. The Ultimate Grammar Nazi. If you don't know of it, google it. If you still don't, well :facehoof:

Lot of great concepts in here.

:derpyderp2: trippy, I love it!

That ending though.
The chills.


The ending confused me.:rainbowderp: did pinkie dream being twi, or did twi really use the body swap spell and then switch back? I'm beyond confused here

You got it right. The ending was supposed to leave people wondering if they swapped or not.

Okay, just looking at the tags, I can tell this is going to be interesting. Tragedy and Comedy on the same story? You don't see that every day.

4039762 No. Word's grammar sucks. Or, at least the one on my computer does.

So Pinkie is actually Twilight that thinks she's Pinkie, and Twilight is actually Pinkie that thinks she's Twilight.

Wow, man.

4626996 I know right?
All I have to say is... HAIL THE PARADOX! :ajsmug:

This is confusing...:twilightoops:

Keep going! ;)

This was certainly... interesting. Very, very interesting.

And good.

If there is a "Lovecraftian" tag, this story needs it.

I like this. The twist at the end is something I love seeing. A few grammatical errors, but nothing overtly distracting.

Would love to see the look on all their faces when Twilight explains about the book he found on body swapping. Especially if he finds it still under Twilight's pillow where this Twilight doesn't remember it being.

Or the journal reaches Celestia and she shows up to fix the mess.


So Twilight DID swap their bodies, Pinkie woke up freaked out in Twilight's body and they hypnotized her into being Twilight, while Twilight is the new Pinkie Pie?

Well then. The real worrying question is whether Twilight has developed the same Toon Physics 'Pinkie Pie' used to have. It's an intriguing experiment if Pinkieness is tied to the persona or the body really...

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