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Best Gift Ever - Flower Pony Appearances · 5:58am Nov 12th, 2018

Great special overall.

So was the opening song a montage that took place over a longer time then the length of the tune? Sometimes it seemed to be telling a continuous story, but other times the characters just jumped around.

- Roseluck is in a crowd leaving a pageant.

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Adventure Time - Collection or Affections · 7:30pm Sep 5th, 2018

Hey, I was just listening to the ending theme of Adventure Time on the final episode.

Original Lyrics:
All of my affections,
I'll give them all to you.

New Lyrics:
All of my collections,
I'll share them all with you.

Why the change? It's not the Mandela effect, I've found old video's where they sing 'affections.'


Yes or No - Even Season Finale's Are Always The Best · 6:03pm Sep 5th, 2018

Humans used to say the best Star Trek movies are the even ones. I always thought they weren’t giving enough credit to 3 and 5. Anyhow, there seems to be a similar trend with MLP season finales. If not the best, even numbered season finales seem to be the most well recieved.

Season 2 - Changeling Invasion
Season 4 - Dragon Ball
Season 6 - Pony Suicide Squad

Season 1 - Whole episode dedicated to formal party faux pas.

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Tangled The Series - What I Would Do With Varian · 3:06pm Aug 5th, 2018

Well, season one of tangled is finished, and we’re already into season 2. I liked Varian, both as a supporting character, and as the arch villain. There were flaws, but overall he had a good story arch. So here’s my way of addressing the flaws and finding a way to use him in future episodes.

First let’s recap a few important points.

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