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Muppets Now - Thoughts · 10:45pm Aug 21st, 2020

I love it.

As I write this, we're three episodes in, and I am really enjoying this show.

That said, I somewhat suspect that it might be something that they put out quickly, or on a lower budget, because there is currently a very high demand for content. The reason I think this is because of how often they repeat similar segments. Yes I know that the classic muppet show had segments it repeated, like 'Animal Hospital', 'Muppets News', 'Pigs in Space.' However the segments were either shorter, or not revisted as often.

In 3 episodes we've already seen two segments of Pepe's Game Show, two of Muppet Labs, and a whopping three of Miss Piggies 'Lifesty(le).' Personally I don't need that much Miss Piggy. I won't complain about 'Okey Dookey Cookin'' though, except to say that they should book higher profile guests to challenge the Swedish Chef. I guess Gordan Ramsey and Bobby Fley are too chicken to take on the master.

What I'd really like to see more of is Gonzo doing stunts, and Fozzie doing stand-up. Maybe Fozzie could do a news pundantry, if they need to make it modern. I'm not a big fan of those shows, these days, but surely Fozzie can make it funny.

Also there's a shortage of weird acts. The classic muppets was basically an explosion of imagination, were the plot device allowed very creative people to just do stuff, and usually there would be an act that didn't even need popular characters, just unique flair. (Jabawocky, I'm just wild about Harry, lime in the coconut, Stallone vs the Lion, etc...). At the very least, maybe some musical numbers would be nice.

Sorry, I really meant to be more positive overall. Since they're not too deep into any formula (like trying to do a sitcom), I'm sure if we support the show, yet express ourselves honestly, they'll invest more into it, and add some of what I feel is missing.

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I am a huge muppets fan, and sadly I can barely watch the new show. And it's all due to the new Kermit voice actor, he sounds more like Ray Romano than Kermit the frog. It's a little too jarring for me to hear the wrong voice coming out of him :(

It’s not that bad. To me it sounds like Kermit but the way he over emphasizes words makes it seem like an impersonation. Maybe the new guy will just get better with practice.

I heard they replaced a long time actor/puppeteer, though wasn’t Jim Henson himself the original Kermit?

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