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Darkstalkers Question · 6:48pm Jun 1st, 2020


Just figured I'd take a shot out in the dark. Does anyone know what this is?

I'm a fan of darkstalkers/(Night Warriors)/(Vampire Savior)/(Whatever they're calling it this week). I fell in love with the series ever since I found Morrigan Aensland in the Marvel vs Capcom games, and since then I've had to dig into some of the more obscure stuff to get my fix. (I even watched the 90's cartoon). And I can't figure out what this novel is.

It says it's independently published, so my first thought is wondering how Capcom or Udon comics figure into the puzzle. Was it done with their blessing? Can the author use the trademarked characters. It's clearly tied to the series, yet the synopsis doesn't mention the somewhat popular characters, like Morrigan and Lilith. I think Morrigan, Talbain, and H'sinko are on the cover, but it's a little surrealist.

Also, while I'm talking Darkstalkers, does anyone know about an english translation for the Azuma mayumi manga, 'Vampire Savior.'

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