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"From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it." Groucho Marx

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Changelings feed on love. Ponies have a Princess of Love. Even though she failled at the Canterlot wedding, evil plans are worth trying again.

Chrysalis wants to steal Cadance's identity again.

Cadance insists that she do a better job of it. This time, she will not stand for sub par acting.

Chapters (4)

Rainbow Dash has been caught playing pranks again. Punishments haven't stopped her in the past, so Twilight and Starlight try a creative new solution.

It involves hypnosis and a Tulpa.

Also, she might get in on the hypnotist action herself at some point.

Chapters (2)

In the future, Cadence Arranges the birth of a child, biologically identical to Shining Armour. On his twentieth year she goes to meet him.

Chapters (4)

Lily has a chance meeting on a train, with someone who's is determined to get revenge. What does she do?

She Invites her for book club.

Also there are mind altering chemicals involved, and the someone is Ms Harshwhinny.

Chapters (3)

Why is the league a secret. Red hair is becoming increasingly rare in Equestria.

Is it so wrong that ponies who admire scarlet tresses want to see filles like Apple Bloom thrive?

Is it so wrong that their similarities cause Strawberry Sunrise to feel an almost maternal connection with Apple Bloom?

Is it so wrong that a few think she should only date colts a with whom her hair colour would be passed on untarnished?

Is it so wrong that there is a secret plot to change the hair colour of all the princesses?

Okay, maybe a few of those are wrong.
Fine, most to all are wrong.

Chapters (2)

Due to a drop in birth and marriage rates, Princess Cadence decides to make it so that anypony can easily find out who their soul mate is, if they wish to know.

What can go wrong?

Artist: Holivi

Chapters (1)

Macintosh Appleton the Large goes to a mysterious castle for a land deal with the eccentric master of the property.

Please withhold judgement until near the end, where it starts to make sense (hopefully)

Chapters (9)

A time travelling Spike is inviting all Twilight's closest friends to her one thousandth birthday.

Wait isn't time travel extremely dangerous?
Don't worry. This is a predestination paradox. Nothing you do will change the past.
Oh, so everything is going to turn out okay right?

Chapters (21)

Three ponies: Lily, Daisy, and Roseluck, are living inside enemy territory. They are not heroes, they’re just trying to stay alive.

What secrets will they learn about Equestria’s greatest threat?
What happens if they refuse to do the Queens wicked bidding?
Will they betray their fellow ponies and side with these monsters?

Chapters (8)

Twilight agree's to be a test subject in order to help Fluttershy master her stare ability. What can go wrong?

Chapters (1)