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Isekai Anime Idea · 10:34pm Oct 21st, 2021

Isekai Anime Idea

Hi, just felt like posting this and seeing what people think.

I noticed that anime has become a little obsessed with a new fad; putting video game elements into Isekai stories.

I don’t know if Scott Pilgrim was ‘that’ popular or if it’s just because kids get their first taste of the fantasy genre from games instead of Robert E Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs novels. Whatever the reason this fad doesn’t seem to be peaking anytime soon. I can name several anime series where the characters are in a world which operates on video game rules.

So here’s my idea. One area that hasn’t been explored to it’s potential is equippable items.

It would be a slice of life anime about a clothing store in a world where everything you wear could buff your stats, nerf your stats, or give you a special ability.

The helpers in the store would be a cat girl, and a human who cosplays as a cat girl The cat girl would see the cosplayer as a rival, but the cosplayer would be a ditzy type who just thinks they’re friends.

Real cat girls have a special ability known as IDENTIFY. They know what equippable items do to their customers, though customers don’t always listen to their warnings.

They would have a friend / reoccurring character who is insecure on her own, and uses her equipped items to turn herself into an arrogant ojou type character.

The episodes would revolve around the odd issues that come up in this world.

Possible Episode:
The cat girls help a girl who is addicted to makeovers, which in this world means constantly changing her appearance, personality, skills, and abilities.

Possible Episode:
A hockey player buys a goalie mask that raises his aggression, and equips him with regeneration. The joke is that it tuns him into Jason Vorhees.

Possible Episode:
A character is a fashion disaster because she wears too many accessories at once, wanting every status buff she can get.

Possible Episode:
A man goes to the cat girls for help. His wife inherited jewellery from his deceased mother-in-law. This causes the once sweet and caring wife to take on some bad qualities of the mother-in-law.

Possible Episode:
An overbearing father/husband is telling his wife and children what to wear.

Possible Episode:
An adventurer finds a magic sword that gives him god level attack, but without another rare item it nerfs his defence. He insists on using the sword, but without the shield, a light breeze can knock him over.

Possible Episode:
A customer is trying to find her/her own personal style. This simple premise calls back to the makeover episode, as it addresses the reverse of the same problem.

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