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Yes or No - Even Season Finale's Are Always The Best · 6:03pm Sep 5th, 2018

Humans used to say the best Star Trek movies are the even ones. I always thought they weren’t giving enough credit to 3 and 5. Anyhow, there seems to be a similar trend with MLP season finales. If not the best, even numbered season finales seem to be the most well recieved.

Season 2 - Changeling Invasion
Season 4 - Dragon Ball
Season 6 - Pony Suicide Squad

Season 1 - Whole episode dedicated to formal party faux pas.
Season 3 - Rushed and divisive, not near as bad as some fans say.
Season 5 - Kinda divisive, I think Glimmer has grown on most.
Season 7 - Lots of build-up for new characters whose idw comic has probably been cancelled already.

The good news is, this means we have something special to look forward to with the encroaching end of season 8.:pinkiehappy:

The bad news is G4 might end on a sour note in season 9. :twilightoops:

We may need specials, a season 10, or another movie, for a proper conclusion.

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