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Being a first generation interspecies couple isn't easy. But it's not exactly hard, either. It's just different, you know? Different is alright though. Different is interesting. Different is good.

A series of conversations between Shimmer Song and Clair de Lune. The first story they appear in is These Are the Days of Our Lives, set concurrently to this collection.

Updates every day, even if it's just 50 words.

A hearty thank you to my Patreon patrons Singularity Dream, ocalhoun, and Littlecolt!

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 59 )

Well, this looks like it's going to be an interesting exploration of two very different species amiably interacting. I look forward to more.

That last part had go Aaaawwww!:heart:

Its... Its just literally dialogue. I don't know who these characters are, but I don't care about them anyway. Less than onethousand word chapters leave no room for anything to get started, or any characterization (which is important for a dialogue driven story).

7054906 I think it needs some real world humans under the influence of drugs to really take it to the next level though. :rainbowwild:

7055096 i'm mostly doing this to practice characterizing characters through dialogue, and getting myself to write more and every day. Do you feel that this would gain a lot from adding scene description and character actions?

"Clair"? But the changeling is apparently the mare in this relationship... is this a stallion named "Chocolate Eclair" or something?

7055262 I updated the description to give sorely lacking context.

That pun, it burns!

7055627 If I do a mature sidestory for when things get too heated, I'll call it The Sexy Times They Are A Changeling. :trollestia:

7055262 Clair de Lune (the stallion) and Shimmer Song (the changeling mare).

Edit: woops, didn’t see Super Trampoline’s reply there.

I hear love cooks up a lot like egg whites in hot soup. :pinkiegasp:

I like this! You don't see too many dialogue-only stories. :twilightsmile:

7055911 Glad you like! There's a group called Dialogue-Only Stories. You'll find a few more of mine in there.

LOL that was gloarious, at least she brought a orange! It's the thought that counts right xD?

7060219 it's the count that thoughts.

Wait what

7060342 She was willing to give a orange and at least she brought something

"But I must try harder! I come off as an ass, don't I?"

Yes, especially when you say something offensive to donkeys.

In any case, I feel like someone needs to print a pamphlet. Something like "Matter-Consuming Organisms and You."

Well, a changeling is a sort of psychic vampire.

What is happening with the horse picture here?

7072302 It looks like a vacuum horse; maybe they're changing the bag.


Looks like surgery.

7072302 I searched "horse anesthetic" on Google.

Makes sense from a biological standpoint. If feeding is painful, the prey isn't going to like it, cutting off the food supply. Well, in most cases. There's always masochists.

Oh, that's a horse picture? I thought that was a dangerously thin man with his hands up over his head with a tube where his waist should be. I was rather freaked out until I read the comments.

7074997 Some times our minds think of something very weird when we first see something, but yes it's a horse.

7074997 ah geez that would look messed up

7075137 I thought it was a bipedal giraffe. Yes, that is weird.

Egyptian god of the dawn spotted.
You can tell because he has a beetle for a head...

7095236 Nice catch. I said to myself, "Self, what would be a good changeling deity?" So I searched for "insect god" on Google and here we are.

Huh. So as far as Shimmer's concerned, chewing gum will never lose its flavor. Lucky.


They do have a very chewable texture...

Nice little look at the fine details.

That doesn't look like a horse nursing from that mare in the picture. Or am I mistaken? The tail looks too short, even supposing the hair was cut very short.

I like how alien you make her, and yet how fine with that he is. Many people make the Ponies too human in their psychology I think.

Wait... So she sees a shrink, but doesn't have emotions? Huh... that actually could make sense, but it would be a real change from Pony or Human psychology... I wonder if most of the time they talk about how to handle other people in ways that don't apply when under cover?

Ah... Not an infiltrator, than makes my guess about the mix of things her shrink helps her with more likely...

Seeing the episode title, I was like "God, there has to be a fanfic with this title already."

I was right.

7293403 Oh my glob a changeling episode YES YES YES

Clair and Claire are different. Claire is female while Clair is male. At least, I think that's how it works...

7274286 I'm pretty sure it's a deer

I don't get the pun.

Chapter was good though.


"subterranean homesick blues" is an important Proto-rap by Bob Dylan. In this case, it refers to Shimmer's homesickness for her underground hive.

Thank you! (Thought the pun was in the picture or I probably would have Googled.)

7415630 well that picture is a very silly Ponified version of Bob Dylan. Highway 61 revisited is one of his most famous albums, and he's known for playing the harmonica from a holder around his neck while playing guitar

It's funny that I found this story once more after the new MLP Episode came out today.:twilightsmile:
The story is still great since the last time I found this story.:rainbowkiss:

I actually really like this one

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