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I'm just a normal guy, writing normal (and sometimes crazy) stories.


Zipp Storm makes a two week vacation to Yakyakistan so that she can learn more about the yaks that had lived within the northern regions of Equestria. One week through her vacation, she writes a letter to her younger sister, Pipp Petals, detailing all about her misadventures, including one funny story that has happened there.

Written for Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest. The prompts I received are: Zipp Storm, "Writes a letter to", Pipp Petals, yaks and getting a cutie mark. Tagged Comedy for a funny story that was told. Also, the prompts won't be used until about the second half of the story.

Hey guys! Man, it's been a really long while since I've written anything in here. But, guess what? I'M BACK! And with my very first one shot, so be nice, will ya?

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