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Fairweather Haven is many things. A Queen, a celebrity, a shining beacon of hope for a flightless people.

A fraud, a widow, a mother who struggles to connect with her eldest daughter.

It is the burden she bears.

An entry in Imposing Sovereigns III, using the prompt Haven/Perseverance.

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This was excellent! Enjoyed every word. Good luck in the contest!

The pain of trying is fierce and aching, and sometimes it never truly leaves you. Someday, though, it'll all be worth it.

Excellent piece.

The weight of it all settled on Haven's withers, and it was an effort to keep her head up to wear that queenly mask in public. Even her mourning had to be a carefully constructed performance, so long as she was in the eye of the public: she had to bleed for them, just enough to be recognized as in mourning, but never too much. No pony wanted to see raw grief.

As she stepped onto the carpeting of the private chambers, she allowed it all to bear down on her. Eyes burned and breath labored in a too tight throat to reach lungs that would never fill. Her hooves dragged ever so slightly across the ground, leaving slight trails in the carpet that would be gone by morning.

Even though she's grieving, she tries to stay strong for her people, a monarch's duty to her subjects surpassing a wife's grief for her husband. The way she picks herself up after she reaches her chambers, makes herself seem strong for her daughters, makes it feel even more intense. She hurts so much, but still she persists, trying to help those she loves.

Very strong opening chapter, and loved the distorted Twilight story at the end.

Thank you so much! And best of luck to you too (:

Okay, this is actually pretty dark in context with the first chapter. Giving ponies hope that they might be able to fly, only for the inevitable outcome should they attempt to be identical to the fate which befell Thunder. It's almost like Haven is condemning ponies to the same misery she suffered through.

I wasn’t expecting “The formative trials and traumas of Queen Haven” to be a subtheme for this contest, but here we are. Great triptych of loss, coping, and genuine recovery. In a way, it reflects pegasi as a whole reacting to the loss and reattainment of flight. Thank you for this, and best of luck in the judging.

Great job with this story! Love how this story centers on the relationship between Haven and Zipp. Your writing flows very well, it's concise but captures all the right little details.

Cheers, I hope that you will write more in the future.

She was so much like her father, and Haven simply couldn't compete with that.

Haven, in her mind: "I can't bear to look into my baby's eyes because everytime I do, I see him. And I remember that he's gone."

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