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Undome Tinwe

Quand elle me prend dans ses bras, elle me parle tout bas, je vois la vie en rose.


Three pairs of lovers talk after magic is restored to the world.

An entry into the Imposing Sovereigns III contest, using the prompts (Zipp, Integrity; Pipp, Kindness).

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Comment posted by MistyShadowz deleted October 29th

I feel sunny would be acting a lot more reserved about the idea of pip taking pictures lemon bed. At least, it is if it's in a way where people know they're an item. I don't think a lot of people would want that revelation to made over the internet to thousands of strangers, without even much input.

Unless the implication is supposed to be that their relationship is already public?


And poor Hitch is left out in the cold.

Nice character exploration. G5 is still largely unknown territory, so the time is right for this sort of thing. The pairings feel a bit pulled out of a hat, but we have so little to go on that it's hard for them not to if they've been established offscreen. Some quite nice vignettes, though they feel a little shallow at the end of the day. Still, thank you for this and best of luck in the judging.

Pipp typed up the message and sent it out to her followers. "And done. Ooh, a thousand likes already! Looks like I still got it!"

Oh man... this doin numbers

Really cute! Characterizations don't feel quite right, but I suppose we only have so much material. Good job.

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