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S9 Bingo Contest snippets, retrospective · 1:36am Apr 7th, 2019

So, I drew a card for the S9 Bingo contest.
It's a pretty awful card. Unfortunately, my brain first therefore decided to Code Golf it. "What if everything was a changeling?" My second attempt grew out of what I realized was a possible name for the Donkey Nation.

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Report Cursed Quill · 366 views · #ficlet

Ficlet: "The Kid In Room 8-C" (also proof that Patch is still alive) · 10:20pm May 14th

The twins approach with an easy, casual confidence. Bold enough to entice curiosity, friendly enough to ease the most suspicious and paranoid of ponies.

"Pardon us, young filly," the brother with the mustache begins, "but we couldn't help but notice you out here and we couldn't help wondering--"

"--are you lost?" the clean-shaven brother finishes.

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Existential Ficlet: The Eternal Return · 12:27am Oct 21st, 2019

Twilight Sparkle found herself in a strange place. It was of light and shape, but not of matter. Though she could not remember where she was or how she got here, the place seemed familiar and comforting.

Out of the mist, though, came a demon. A strange, misshapen beast. Twilight took a step back at its approach.

"Who are you?" She asked. "What's happening?"

The demon then leaned in close, a pained look on its face.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results