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S9 Bingo Contest snippets, retrospective · 1:36am Apr 7th, 2019

So, I drew a card for the S9 Bingo contest.
It's a pretty awful card. Unfortunately, my brain first therefore decided to Code Golf it. "What if everything was a changeling?" My second attempt grew out of what I realized was a possible name for the Donkey Nation.

First Attempt.

Dragonlord Ember lounged on her home throne, as changelings entertained her playing Changionary. Drawn subjects included Sassaflash, the Tree of Harmony, and the Donkey Nation, an impossible task for this audience as they were the same as the Dragon Lands, just before the dragons came.
"That one's easy: the Tree of Harmony."
"What's-her-name, one of those non-Dash pterippi from Ponyville…Sassy Slash?"
"Sassaflash, my lady."

The thing I like and want to keep from this is "Changionary". It will never be canon, as Hasbro® sold Pictionary® to Mattel® in 2001.

Second Attempt

It was a dark and unending night. It would have been day, but the Nightmare had just returned. Thus, we see one of our questors, seeking to find that which would allegedly solve things.
"Halt!" came the voice from the robes.
Sassaflash halted and hovered, looking surprised.
"Answer me these questions three, 'ere the other side you see."
"I can see the other side from here."
"What! is your name?"
"Sassaflash." She smiled.
"What! is your quest?"
"To find the Tree of Harmony and recover its Elements."
"What! is the capital of Assyria?1"
"I don't know that--" Sassaflash paused as a force jerked her upwards. She flapped her wings and stabilized immediately.

There was a significant pause.

"That's supposed to kill you," said the Bridgekeeper, Fizzlepop Berrytwist, broken horn revealed by hood slipping back.
"These are the Dragonlands. Don't they *all* have wings? Also, from Ponyville. Next to the Everfree Forest. These air currents don't daunt me. Maybe if you were in the Abyssal Abyss…"
"They don't have lava on the bottom there."
"Do they have pamphlets for that? Dragonlands, special gorges with lava on the bottom? What is this, a yogurt commercial?"
Crackle made a funny noise.
"Oh. They really like it that way?"

From this, I really like its name. [/SweetieBelle] (That is, Assyria.) And the jokes. However, it lacks the Tree of Harmony-- and it's very hard to stuff it in as it isn't in the Dragonlands nor Donkey Nation (as the Dragon Lands are known in canon to not be Equestria.) This seemed like a nice, atomic place to stop, so I did. It is also a trite, overdone, overcopied scene, but that practically goes without saying.

  1. The former donkey nation. This is a trick question, for there were many.
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Yeah there were some very tough picks in the cards.

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