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Weeeelp, lets do this. Unto ash and ruin, forward... ponies, I guess.


So, it's officially a series · 5:57am January 4th

I mean, kinda sorta. MLP 30K I guess is officially a series now that there's more than 1 and it carries the same name. Par normal with any new enough author, it's all intimidating and horrifying. I'll admit, I'm still amazed that anyone read my ramblings, but I did have a nice ol' personal point to prove just to say I was willing to stick it out and actually finish a story and make a sequel.

So at least I did that.

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Thanks for the watch, person not appreciated!

Thank you so much for the watch! I hope you will enjoy the stories I will write!

aaaaaa thank you so much for the follow hon i greatly appreciate it 💕💕💕💕

Hey there! Thank you for the follow!

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