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Weeeelp, lets do this. Unto ash and ruin, forward... ponies, I guess.


So, it's officially a series · 5:57am Jan 4th, 2020

I mean, kinda sorta. MLP 30K I guess is officially a series now that there's more than 1 and it carries the same name. Par normal with any new enough author, it's all intimidating and horrifying. I'll admit, I'm still amazed that anyone read my ramblings, but I did have a nice ol' personal point to prove just to say I was willing to stick it out and actually finish a story and make a sequel.

So at least I did that.

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Wherever you are Persona, I hope you're alright and safe.

Been about two years know

Happy new year persona I hope you are well

Hey man, hope you're doing ok. Just wanted to say that we all wait in anticipation for what you have next to come.

Hey Persona? Are you okay mate? It's been 4 months since I heard anything from you.

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