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Cyrus, Diomedes, Tarkus and Martellus travel to Equestria to find a new suitable place for training recruits. Who knew a place full of pastel ponies and sunshine actually would get them what they want?

-I was going to photoshop together the 4 guys above. But because the quote references Cyrus ( I am too lazy to actually do any photoshopping), just him.

-Takes place after "Blood Ravens: Crashlanding in Equestria"

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This sounds heretical on so many levels it warps right back around to orthodoxy again.

Sounds like the work of Tzeentch.

YES! YES! :pinkiehappy: The Magpies return! BOLT. DOWN. EVERYTHING. Because you can never be too careful, y'know? :trollestia:

Also at this point Davian Thule is a Dreadnaught now right?

Yes. I said in the notes this is after Kyras is dead. I am contemplating on whether or not he appears. Most likely not.

3184526 please let Thule dreadnought appear it would be quite a shock to twilight and the others to see that he's now trapped forever inside that sarcophagus in a half dead state they would probably all start crying

3184760 Ah dreadnaughts cause putting grandpa in home isn't metal enough

Just go to my profile. Only other story.

I notice something you do better than any other 40k fic I've read. Dialogue, that is your strongpoint, its the best I've ever read in a crossover, save for a few others.:raritystarry:

I am now very happy, especially since you continued the story YOU good sir/ma'am are awesome

Bring in Abaddon! BRING HIM IN! Or better yet, lets get that swell guy Kharn to show up. That'll be nice. :pinkiecrazy:

3191384 what about doomrider he's a swell guy to

Military organizations use a 24 hour clock, not a 12 hour one. :-/


Bring back SINNNNDDDDRRRIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! Or one of the other Tzeentch Sorcerors. X-0

When's a certain Dreadnought gonna show up? X-0


O Khorne, you and your Psyker Phobia. X-/

3192378 Psykers are pansies who think it's better to fry someone's mind instead of mutilating them horribly with sharp instruments of death. :twilightangry2: I'd rather have a good chainaxe than the ability to blow up something's head with my mind. :pinkiecrazy:

3192372 Why can't we have Thule AND have those pesky Magpies steal Bjorn the Fell Handed?

Comment posted by Brother Malachai deleted Sep 12th, 2013


Because Space Wolves are notoriously violent when cranky?

3192427 Who cares? Why have only one badass half-dead superhuman in a robo-coffin when you can have two? :pinkiecrazy:


Yes, but they still need a half-way decent explanation for why tho. :derpytongue2:

Martellus, consider yourself the new chapter of the forge.


i wouldn't exactly call the changelings friendly but yes compared to the tyranids they are really pathetic

Don't they have a ship in orbit?

bye bye changelings your species had a good run


Yup, they finally managed to anger the wrong ppl. They should be grateful it's not Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Sororitas, or Space Wolves coming to kill them.

Why didn't he kill her?

You're done Chrissy, unless they keep you alive just to produce more Changelings for combat training. :twilightoops:

Don't feel bad Diomedes, I don't trust that cad either. :applejackconfused: :twilightoops:

YES I LOVE YOU!!! Dr who and warhammer 40k! :pinkiehappy: not enough happy

Space marines normally go for weeks without sleep, and their method of "sleeping" is just shutting down one part of the brain and it cycles around until all are properly rested

i don't think 5 days of sleep deprivation is enough to make a space marine hallucinate

Really? I read that the amount of time that they started to lose their sanity would be around ~1 week. The longest being 2.
If you could point that out to me, that would actually be A+

now im dying to know what happened to Fluttershy and Angelos in that pocket dimension because if its mostly empty the only thing they could have done to pass the time was talk

i really want to see a chapter about those 6 days Fluttershy and Angelos spent in that pocket dimension please

I hope one day, we live in a universe, where problems are solved around the table of words instead of an exchange of force.”


Sorry to say this Celestia, but hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.


Indeed I did. Can I get a cup of joe now? :pinkiehappy:

And prepare for another sequel yet. Can't believe I finished this. Probably 2 more fics till I throw in the towel with this.

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