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The Kaurava System 3 years after the war where so many died as 9 armies fought for control. today Governor-General Vance Stubbs and the 252nd Conservator Regiment stands as the systems protectors. for 3 years the system has been peaceful and grew to supply the Imperium with some of the finest guardsmen besides Caida. but something lurks in a distant universe that will once again pull these battle hardened men into war and they are a unknown even to the warp.

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Yay someone finally got around to writing one. Liked and tracked

Editor. Editor. Editor.

Good premise otherwise.

Wait till the Adeptus Astartes enter the picture.


This should be interesting.

Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne.

I like how this story's going.

7266322 You, good sir/madam, Are my new favourite person.

7267198 Lag for the Lag gods, bad hit detection for battlefield! (Fuckin dice)

7267256 Damnit Dice. *Curses the creation of Hardline and Battlefront*

7267276 Oh I see what's going on here:trixieshiftleft:, you want me to spam memes:derpyderp1: OK then-

I strongly suggest that you find yourself an editor for this story.

7267305 Let them come! The Legion will destroy them.

Hello every one. Yes i will get a editor and fix anything wrong in the chapters before next week so bare with me on this. My first story and i say its a damn good start if i say so my self. Any ways wish me luck and we'll see where this goes. The Emperor protects.

So, they're going to try and sneak in probably. Good luck trying to get through the psykers.

7268796 no spoilers but your a little close to the idea.

Can't wait to see an Equestrian titan lumber across the battlefield :pinkiehappy:

Lol! Who am I kidding? TCB ponies never get toys like that :rainbowlaugh:

*incessant chanting*
Titan Legion! Titan Legion! Titan Legion!

You're actaully doing pretty well for your first.
Obviously, as with any work, there are things to fix.
Namely pacing, and grammar.
Normally, I'd say cut down on the "Humanity, FUCK YEAH!", but it's 40k, so no. I will say learn to balance it out. If you want help, I can link you to another 40k story that does an excellent job of balancing out "Humanity, FUCK YEAH!". :rainbowdetermined2:

7269591 Different chapters will come later and some will have the ponies on top and humans under their hoof. The ponies are still getting use to the IG so things will change the potion will change the tide too. And thanks for the support.

Still man, Titan Legion.

Also, if you so desire, I'm willing to edit and proofread.

7270942 I'll keep your offer in mind good sir right now i have a friend i'm hoping to help if he isn't lazy.

7270942 and i hate to shoot it down but no titans... yet.

Alrighty then, just keep me posted. :scootangel:
I'm on this site primarily to be an editor/proofreader.
I'm not actually comfortable with sharing any stories I've written. :derpyderp1:

Come on, man, bring the big guns in at the end at least. :pinkiecrazy:

7270957 I thought you want me not to completely destroy the ponies one warhound titan alone will crush them under a minute. But yeah as it goes on the IG will always get bigger guns and the navy will get bored and join when needed.

Not now is what I meant. I've seen too many promising authors make the mistake of starting a steamroll in the beginning and carrying it out all the way. I like you, and Dawn of War was one of my favorite games of all time, so I'm hoping you can avoid that and make the steamroll the awesome-as-fuck finale.

Besides, it's always Titan Legion time!!! :pinkiecrazy:

7271008 to end this story its going to be a lot of fire works so have your sunglasses ready and expect a visit from the space marines and if things play out chaos may even show its mutated face. Just stay tuned for the ride.

Oh, believe me, I will.
And if a Titan Legion does make an appearance, Khorne will be pleased.

7270730 Will the ponies get any upgrades? New tactics? Better weapons? Allies?

7272465 Stay tuned and find out.

7274105 While I obviously don't expect them to get anything fancy like a titan (even though that would be awesome), I do at least hope the ponies get some kind of upgrade in their war department.

Potions and magic are all well and good, but it would be nice to have the TCB ponies be a little more creative when it comes to conventional weapons and strategy. Most of their weapons and tactics are medieval and they waste countless soldiers just because of a flawed ideology made up by a fanatic princess.
It's gotten to a point where any chance of a pony victory over humans in battle is downright laughable, because humans have bigger guns and experience, while ponies are too stupid to even acknowledge that :ajbemused:

:trollestia: "I know so much about humans and their ways of war, but I don't bother to prepare my precious little ponies because we have friendship and magic on our side. We're going to be fine."

You'd think that within a 40K setting, the ponies could at least get into that 40K mood... :applejackunsure:

7274469 They will learn when they use the potion on some IG and see how they work to counter it. And if they run into some other factions (orks) and use the potion on them and gain some very large support units.

7274953 At least it's a start :pinkiesmile:

"That's not good at all... how powerful are these 'lances'."

Enough to make Celestia and Luna piss themselves.

7278371 just wait until exsterminatus is ordered every pony will piss themselves or if space marines are called in

7278377 Execute Order 66. All ponies must die.

Bring on the UltraMarines, SpaceWolves, Blood Angels, and Death Watch Chapters! LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR!

7278464 also send in the imperial fists,black Templars and the salamanders as insurance

7278527 And lets not forget the Imperial Inquisition

7278597 can't forget them or else run the risk of being accused of heresy

Ooh... How are our favorite little converters going to get out of this one?

Is Celestia evil in this story?

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