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Crossover with C&C3, MLP and a mod called Tiberium Essence

Ever since the crystals appeared on Earth in 1995, NOD and GDI have fought over Tiberium for years, succeeding in two world wars and a third war underway. But when a nation from another realm threatens the very existence of humanity, the two sides must create an unlikely alliance to push back the invaders. For GDI, it's a fight for survival. For NOD, it means protecting the Brotherhood.

Set in an alternative universe, where GDI and Nod do not abandon the technologies they have used in the Second Tiberium War, but instead further developed them.

I do not own C&C nor MLP or the mod, so please don't sue me.

This is also my first story, so go crazy.


Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 195 )

I'm really liking the premise of the story and I feel bad that I couldn't finish my C&C 3 & KW story before someone did and like that you are keeping the TS and FS units I always what happen to those cool units. Keep up the good work brother and as all ways Peace through Power.

Proofread? As long as you can keep up with English time zones, then why the hell not?
Just PM me

I have a friend who likes trains

I like it! Burn Celestia at the stake, keep her alive, scalp her, hang her and quarter here.
And that kids, is how you deal with a Mad bitch goddess!

Won't the ponies get affected by the Tiberium? Since Celestia which is evil. Doesn't really know about Tiberium. This is interesting.


4666211 well Tiberium is known to have no side affects to some animals if exposed for short amounts of time and or mutates them to be something that of Tiberium fiends.

4665670 Thanks, my good friend. I always wanted to return the units from Tiberian Sun when I did this because lets face it Command and Conquer is set in alternative universes. For example, in Red Alert, Einstein traveled back in time and killed Hitler. This created a universe where WW2 did happen, but with Soviet and Allies against each other.

The more you know :trixieshiftright:

I'm going to ignore the grammar issues for now, as you've already acknowledged that you don't have an editor and are currently looking for one. Those should be cleared up after you get one. Now, on to the more important issues.

You've got a few issues, especially with the combat scenes. For example, how did that NOD soldier with a flamethrower get gutted by an earth pony (armed with a sword)? A melee weapon is not going to win in a fight against a weapon like a flamethrower. Another example would be where did the ponies get a laser powerful enough to punch through a Wolverine's armor? The key issue is that you're lacking in detail right now and that you are telling rather then showing the action. Show me the pebble on the beach, don't tell me about it. Also, the end section of this chapter was very rushed, almost to the point of being comedic, starting around the time where Xenolestia says "That army."

Overall, rookie mistakes, but that's to be expected for a first fic. This, so far, is not too bad for a first attempt. Remember, you might not be the best writer now, but you are going to improve. Just take all of the criticism you can (fair or not) and use it to improve yourself as an author.

EDIT: Corrected some grammar.

4666890 did you know that red alert 2 was supposed to be tied to the Tib timeline but it later got scraped because of time that they didn't have.

Hmm, on the one hand, this is a Conversion bureau story, that's bad.
On the other hand, this is a C&C Tiberium verse story, that's good.
I'll be watching. This seems decently written, though you have the case of telling instead of showing for a lot of this chapter, and some grammatical errors, but that should be fixed once you get an editor.

Conversion Story eh? Well, you know what to do humans. Kill it. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

4667253 BURN IN THE NAME OF KANE!!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

4665973 Forgive me Idont know the meaning of that term

Look up asdf movie 2 and you'll see!:twilightsmile:

4667420 I have no clue what the heck I just watch but I now get the reference.

That was my exact reaction when I saw it a couple of years ago...

4666971 It was supposed to be for gamers who played Tiberian Sun and Firestorm to get the mean of the units, but I'll look into it if it pleases the viewers.

kill some ponies

4667672 I only played Tiberium wars, and a little bit of Tiberium sun, but that was a long time ago.

Out of all the universes for a Conversion Bureau crossover this is one of the worst. Not in terms of the actual universe, I love the Command and Conquer series, but one of the worst ones for the ponies to actually fight against. Between the rail guns, laser weaponry, stealth technology, the Marked of Kane and the insanely powerful Scrin invasion, why would they think it would be good to go genocidal there? I know that it said that Equestria had the capability to fight off flame throwers and wolverines, (not sure how they pulled that off, but send in a MMII and it's GG,) so that should allow it to be at least relatively action-y without going completely one sided.


One of the worst? Yeah.

THE worst? Warhammer 40k.

"Human! We come to-"


And then they dies.

Comment posted by Granzeboma deleted Jul 10th, 2014

4673975 Funnily enough, I was actually going to put WH40K as one of the definitely, if not THE worst of the bunch for a Conversion Bureau invasion. I mean there's Mass Effect, Halo, Starcraft, where humanity either have massive empires, amazing tech, or are generally cool enough to have half the galaxy backing them. Still, they would all be absolutely demolished by 40K. I don't care what you're a fan of, any sci-fi universe would get it's ass handed to it by the 40K universe if you actually learned about their capability for war.

Seems more like a comedy story.

4708780 The first chapter may be comedic, but the rest of the story will get serious.

:twilightsmile: I love the Juggernauts and the Mammoth Tanks. Their my favorite units

wait i just thinking would the serum work on nod cyborgs? and i cant wait for ponys to to die to tiberium poisoning

Why didn'they just give some artillery flavoured lovetaps to the fleet?

nice, Looks like the GDI is showing the ponies why we are the masters of war

Ponies will never learn, we are masters at the art of war while they are just skilled with weapons that are obsolete to our technology. Hell they have not even seen the destruction of the superweapons that both GDI and Zod factions have in their arsenals let alone the liquid Tiberium bomb.

I like the concept but the prose is very rough. There's lots of telling instead showing and numerous mechanical errors.

However, I do applaud you for making the connection between TCB Ponies and NOD by linking their religious fanaticism. And I like your portrayal of Blueblood as a xenophobic and excessively cruel religious extremist.

I have a question, will we see Human traitors fighting on the same side as the Ponies and Equestrinian traitors fighting on the same side as Humans?

4759754 That would be later in the chapters, but yes on both.

I can't wait to see the interactions between GDI and NOD troopers forced to sit in the same trench together. :rainbowkiss:

Will there be any prohuman ponies that swap sides to join one or the other group?

Will any of kane's immortal shenanigans show up in the story? An assisnation attempt that appears to have succeeded, only for him to show up and deliver a message to celestia of "You can't kill the messiah."

4673975 For the Emprah!:flutterrage:

:trixieshiftleft:.....and nanomachines.

EDIT: Can never have enough Kane in your daily reading. :pinkiecrazy:


4770229 Some of the ponies will join GDI or Nod in the later chapters. As for Kane himself, come on.........it's command and conquer............of course he'll be in it. You can't get more nerdier than this:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

4770299 You just made my day. :pinkiehappy:

I eagerly await updates.

I can imagine a team of Snipers and Shadows trying to kill Celestia.

I haven't played Tib Essence in a long time... Everyone just kinda stopped playing...

No. Unicorns CANNOT make shields capable of stopping bullets or destroy tanks with lasers, much less tanks from FUCKING TIBERIUM WARS.

SO MANY FUCKING REFERENCS. first asdf, then 40k,then terminator. WHERE DOES IT END. other wise good story. just one problem. how was the unicorns abel to block the bullets and lasers that came at them. or mabey it was just their numbers. anyways good first try

another qustion (i will excusse if im asking to many qustions) will we see all the units from command an conquer?

I suspect mind control on Blueblood, if not then he wont be missed.

4800598 Well, Equestria does have magic, that includes spells that can melt even the strongest metal.

4800676 Does a Smurf turn purple when you choke it? Of course you'll see units from Tiberian Sun and Tiberium Wars!!! :pinkiehappy:

4801514 hmmm i will take those awnsers......HOLD ON have you chocked a smurf?

Bu bu bu but the Ion Cannon

Bu bu bu but the Ion Cannon

4801514 I haven't read the it yet but is old Gdi and nod armor still equipped.

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