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Rainbow Dash never did the sonic rainboom and everything is vastly different for the mane 6.

The world we know never happened and all of the mares have gone on to live their own lives, will they reunite when Nightmare Moon returns, or will they have their own lives to worry about?

This is a darker twist on the realm as war and Nightmare Moon go hoof in hoof.

Dark tag for a couple scenes, not the story overall.

Thanks to my editor Rancor.
And my Proof Reader Berry Delight.

Coverart by LetsMlpBro.

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This is interesting. Fluttershy not being saved by butterflies, Rainbow Dash is a hermit, her wing is messed up, and humble? I haven't seen this before. Hopefully this is updated quickly, or else I might forget about it, like I have many times before with other stories. And this is a long comment.

interesthing i aching for more

Hmm. I'll be watching this story.

This is a very interesting story so far. I'll have to keep my eye on this one! :twilightsmile:

Ah, an Equestria without Rainbooms...

Pinkie Pie will never be happy, and by proxy Cheese Sandwich can't become a nomadic party pony.
Twilight Sparkle won't have a magic surge that turns her parents into potted plants and hatches Spike.
Rarity won't know why her horn dragged her to a dumb rock.
And Applejack will stay in Manehattan.

Or maybe not... destiny can be funny like that. :raritywink:

5912376 meh.
IDK either.

I make it up as I go along...

The start with rainbow and Fluttershy seems to have been quite the curve ball...

Let's see where my imaginations go next.

Maybe you're right about some, maybe not.

Its as much a guess to me as it is to my readers.


hmmmmm a cottage gets reminded of mmc YEEEEEEES XD

5913409 Oh yeah! Derp


(Better supersexyghotmew95 ?)


I still have five more ponies and a resolution to complete... :) Thanks.:derpytongue2:

Comment posted by Mocha Star deleted May 15th, 2015

Wait, where did the chapter go?


My computer glitched and when I submitted it, the chapter added, then I got an error and submitted it again, and that took it away. Took me a few tries but I got it. Sorry about that.


Enjoyed this chapter, but am I missing anything?

5992422 I just felt like I missed some information.

This is so good, I'm just blown away!:pinkiegasp:

Read on.
Comments are welcome and appreciated

As a matter of fact I do, how'd you guess. :moustache:

"No Tom Why!" ??
Even I'm curious.

Great chapter. I like the different elements.

Ooh! I'm super excited!

Oh, without Night's element... will Rarity and Pinkie have to play a role at all?

I've read that first chapter myself a half dozen times since I posted it and I'm still emotionally tugged by it.

I'm in awe I wrote it.

Rarity and pinkie will have a roll in the next book, who's to say how big or small?



Woah woah woah, hold yer horses. :ajbemused:

You want me to write a :twilightsheepish: and :trixieshiftright: clop, you gotta ask nice!

Comment posted by Sun Struck deleted May 23rd, 2015

Liked it a lot! Sorry, just got around to reading the 1st two chapters.


:heart: It'll have a role in the sequel... but not shipping, just a role.

"Ummm okay then..." Twilight said, a little shell-shocked after what she'd just witnessed. The feeling was shared by the other five mares and the dragon in the room as well. "...Thanks Rainbow Dash for that... interesting question."

Twilight patted the cyan pegasus' withers, despite the fact that she was across the room, with the help of the lingering effects of her "hoof-longer" spell. Rainbow Dash failed to respond, her mouth still gaping open in stunned silence. Twilight cleared her throat.

"So, does anypony else have a question for the magical What-If machine?"

That was 20% cooler than any other answer I've heard in a while.

You made my night a little gooder and now the fun had been doubled!


I still LOVE your comment referencing Futurama.

This is great, good job!:yay::twilightsmile:

Get consumed by insecurity at a flight show until your friend falls to her death, bravely fighting off all the other pegasi who are trying to save her life. Cause a sonic rainboom, save her life. Meh.

Fail to save your friend whose life no one is even bothering to save, cast out unjustly to be consumed by guilt for ten years, before the friend you almost killed is the only one who cares enough about you to hunt you down, slowly recovering in her diligent care, tormented with nightmares of committing suicide because she fell and you weren't fast enough to catch her, whereupon she falls to her death, because of the missing wing that you caused, and the only one there to catch her is you, if you're fast enough.

Cause a sonic rainboom, save her life. Save the world.

This is why I read fanfiction.


If I had a hat I would tip it to you friend.

You're comment is the reason I write. Thank you



Make sure to read the sequel! It's only beginning for them and new twists are sure to come.

Eh, I looked at the sequel but I felt this one wrapped itself up pretty well, and I'm not a big Discord fan, among other things.

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