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I'm here to write my way into your hearts and infect your minds.


At a traveling fair a machine waits idle for a pony to put in a bit to have their fortune told and their wish granted. When two fillies make a wish, what could go wrong?

When Noi and Aura's wishes come true, they have to fix their mistake before it gets out of control.

A Noi, Aura, and PiƱa Colada Story.

I'm purposely avoiding all the darkness that would ensue from such wishes. Let's keep this E, everypony!

Coverart edited by Mix-Up

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Eight years ago, ponies got sent to earth, but their magic doesn't come with them. Now they're destined to live life with limited magic in a world not their own.

With the awe and surprise having played their part, ponies have been accepted into certain Earth cities as citizens with limited rights.

One such pony is Starlight Glimmer; who quickly fades into the background due to her special talent being mostly useless and her life skills being very limited.

Follow Starlight as she makes friends and tries to find a way home.

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Spitfire tells Rainbow Dash how she got her Wonderbolt nickname.

Dramatic reading.
Mystery Pony Fiction

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This story is a sequel to Rarity's Colt: A New Life

After a fallout with his family and friends, Snickers is moving to Canterlot to spend time with Princess Celestia.

His time ahead is not going to be as care-free or fun as he was expecting; having Kiwe with him as support, can the two colts survive the noble's politics, the princesses, and the life they are intended to live in the castle; or, will Snickers return to Ponyville and make amends?

Edited by Ninjadeadbeard.

Triggers: Swearing, Sexual Situation/Talk
-More will be added as they occur.

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This story is a sequel to Rarity's Colt: Snickers's Harmony Trials

Snickers is in the best place he's ever been: He has friends, unrequited love, and an undefined future; he may even finally have a good chance to live a new life in a new place, as long as he can keep himself out of trouble long enough to earn his mark and balance his old life as a human with his new life as a pony.

Things will happen that will earn the Random tag.

Swearing and sexual situations and topics are gonna happen throughout. This is basically young teens learning their place in life.

Special thanks to Ninjadeadbeard for editing, starting at chapter 17, Cover me Timbers.

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A troubled colt with poor boundaries, bad language, and what seems to be a very troubled past is sent to reside with Rarity, a mare unprepared for true motherhood as well as being unknowing of how to raise a foal of a different gender. A long road ahead awaits them both.

Rated Teen for adult language and strong sexual references and situations. No sex occurs in this book.

As appropriate, this is a societal gender reversal role story; so expect some differences than what you may be expecting as far as gender authority is balanced.

This story is inspired by many other stories, most of which are incomplete and stopped years ago; never to be updated again(?).

Also, this story takes place before Alicorn Twilight.

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What happened between Trixie ran herself out of Ponyville and her spiral down into hopelessness, until life finally looks up; before she gets the Alicorn Amulet.

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The past leads to the future, how, in a few minutes, can I explain the past and religion's effects and how they relate to modern Equestria?
Lots of coffee and a little passion, that's how.


This is an experiment I did, a story from a lecturer's point of view, I guess.
Non-canon, of course.

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We know what happened, we know what happened, and we still don't know what happened... so here's something that might have happened if a butterfly in Gryffinstone didn't fart in a North North Western direction while Jupiter was rising in Neptune's light on the four hundred and twenty third rotation of Polaris on its x axis.

Equestria lost, the Storm King won. His pelvic thrusts proved this! With his victory assured, he now holds possession over powers that no single Satyr, or any mortal creature for that matter, should hold and wield like a child with a Fallout 3 style Gatling laser equipped with a super hair trigger. Like, so sensitive a gust of wind would set it off, so you know the kid is fubarred, but the guardian is just like, "Oh, don't look down the barrel, I know you'll listen to me because all kids listen to their parents, especially when told not to do something.

But it's okay, because this holding device isn't something made from some holy kind of relic, no it is a crystal on a stick, so you know it has to be more powerful and able to hold the combined powers of a true God than, say, several individual gems that split the power and divide them into individual sources for powers he could wield and use as a future plot point for any number of theatrical ideas, but it's not like anyone could have ever thought to split the powers of a god into pieces, right? Right?!

So, after his predictable denial, refusal to help Tempest, he sees Princess Twilight and Tempest to be as useless as they were throughout the movie and does something that seems to be right in line with what he'd do; he decides to execute them by entrusting them to his totally competent and effective guards who bested the Royal Guard of Canterlot and representatives of Equestria in all out combat.

A commish.

Art by feathershine1

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Discord sends Rainbow Dash on a small adventure to save each of her friends, and maybe learn something along the way.

What it Means...
...to be Reformed

While wearing silly body suits along the way.

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