• Published 12th Sep 2019
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Rarity's Colt - Mocha Star

Rarity, among others across the land, signed up to be foster parents for foals after numerous disasters struck the nation. Few expected to be called upon, among the least was Rarity.

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I was feeling sad after the whole soap thing. I wasn’t going to do it, but I broke down after the stress of all this crap got to me and I cried into Rarity’s chest like some little kid that scraped his knee. I left her to chill in my room, maybe look at the ceiling and count tiles, but there aren’t any. It’s a flat surface that’s polished to the point I can see my reflection somewhat. A weird thing unless she’s that vain or loved to watch herself and Mister Ed have one on one time.

I’ve always figured her room to have actual mirrors, because she is actually that vain.

I was lying on my bed lost in thought when I heard a scratching at my window. I looked at it, thinking it was some bird or squirrel until a red bow rose into view, bobbing and turning like the head it was on couldn’t decide where to look. A bright candy apple red mane showed up next, then a yellow muzzle. Overall she was cute and wearing a weary expression.

Her hooves pressed on the glass and she leaned as close to the surface as she could, looking in to see me. Once she found me she grinned and leaned back pointing, then she flailed her arms almost falling back while shouting something at the sound resistant glass. She fell toward the window and stopped herself against the pane with her hooves, true worry in her eyes.

I sighed, got up, and eventually opened the window to hear the rush of small town noise fill my room and ears. “Heya! Ah’m Apple Bloom, can I come in?”

“Why’re you at my window?” I asked flatly.

“Because Rarity’s downstairs and won’t like it if we come in unannounced.”

“So climbing to my window is a better option than talking with the adults and letting them know you’re here?”

“Apple Bloom, are you going in or just gonna hang out all day?”

“Ah’m goin, Scootaloo! Keep yer shoes on. “Anyway, can ya step aside fer a second?”

“No, you’re not welcome in my room.”

“Ha, Sweetie said you were funny.” Apple Bloom said as she scrambled in through the window and landed in a somersault with her head on the floor and her rear in the air, exposing herself and I saw pink; my head swam from the blood rushing into it. I averted my eyes and staggered to the side, sitting on my flank to steady myself.

“Are ya feelin’ okay? Ah can get ya a glass of water if ya need it.”

I shook my head, which was a bad choice, denying her offer. “No, it’s fine. I just have a problem seeing your personal parts.”

She looked at me funny, her head cocked to the side and an ear drooped. “What’d’ya mean? My whole body is my personal part. Oh, you mean my bow?” she reached up to adjust it. “It’s okay, you can touch it if you want.”

“The last thing I wanna do it touch it! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean… you know what? Hi, I’m Snickers, nice to meet you.”

Her demeanor changed to one of happiness and she grabbed me by my wrist thing with both her hooves and shook me with too much strength and force. When she was done I had felt like I’d just done extensive stretches and strained my muscles. “Yeah, Ah’m Apple Bloom. Ya know Sweetie Belle, and that there comin’ up now is Scootaloo. We have an introduction ta give ya once we’re all here.”

Scootaloo hopped through the window landing like a cat in stride, not missing a beat between falling and walking. “Hey, I’m Scootaloo. You’re Sweetie’s new brother, huh?”

“Actually I’m her nephew, by technicality. Are you her sisters or cousins?”

Sweetie climbed to the window and hesitated, seemingly unable to climb in. “I wish, they’d be the best actual sisters ever!” She squeaked. “Can you guys help me in?”

“Oh yeah, c’mon Scootaloo!”

“Psh, she bumps her horn once and can’t climb in a window ever again.”

“Scootaloo, that’s not a nice thing to say. You know she’s sensitive about that.”

Sweetie grunted when she was pulled in and fell with her rear on the floor. The others let her forelegs go and she fell, hopping to her hooves with a happy bounce. “That’s because it’s really sensitive. It hurt and gave me a headache for hours, mostly.”

I looked at the bony protrusion. “So, you can feel with your horn? How’s that work, and don’t say magic.”

“Ha, unicorns can’t feel through their horns,” Scootaloo replied for Sweetie, “but the base can be really sensitive.”

“Yeah,” Sweetie lowered her horn and tapped the tip. “I feel that, but only as pressure on my skull. If I bump it too hard my horn’ll break and it’ll take weeks to heal naturally. Not to mention the pain I’d be in for a bunch of reasons.”

“Sweetie, did you tell us once about a mare that broke her horn at the base and--”

“C’mon, gals. Enough talkin’ about that depressin’ stuff. Snickers, the three of us make up the Cutie Mark Crusaders and we’d like ya to join up. You ain’t got yer cutie mark and you’d be the first colt member!”

The trio looked at me intently, hopefully. “Nah, I’m good without one.” I shrugged and got up so I could distance myself from them a bit.

“What?!” they called in amazing harmony. Apple Bloom ran beside me and blocked me. “What’re you talkin’ about? Gettin’ yer cutie mark’s the most important thing there is in a pony’s life!”

I looked at her, then behind me to my flank, then at the fillies looking at me, in my eyes and not on my butt. “Apple Bloom, that’s ridiculous. There’s a ton of important things that’re more important than getting branded.”

“Branded?!” Once again they shouted in unison. Scootaloo ran to my other side. “No one brands colts anymore, you’re not property and Miss Cheerilee said that treating males like property is like slavery and that’s bad.”

“Yeah,” Sweetie squeaked her way into the conversation while running around to stand directly in front of me. “We had to apologize to all the colts in class and then after school we got homework to apologize to every stallion we passed at least once to make up for the Day of One Thousand Sorrows.”

The three fillies pouted and actually looked sad. “We’re sorry, Snickers, for what our ancestors did.”

What is it with these three talking in perfect unison. It’s like one voice almost, in stereo.

“Uh, yeah. Sure… you’re forgiven for whatever you said. Now that that weirdness is over, I was having a good time on my bed and looking at the--”

“On your bed? Cool, let’s jump on it, too!” Scootaloo turned the conversation topic from me as expertly as she turned herself and climbed onto the bed with a little buzz of her wings. It wasn’t that high, I think she just needed the exercise; those were freakishly tiny wings, even for a kid.

“I dunno, jumping on beds is kinda unsafe. Like, what if I fall off and break my neck and you have to push me around in a wheelchair and feed me for the rest of my life?”

I was expecting a poor response to my quip. What I got was a muzzle under my tail that shoved me hard enough to toss me into the air where I was again shoved by what I presume to be a magic blast thing from the little marshmallow. I was in a half dozen states of freaked out. Not only was I falling without any style, I was in shock from getting blasted in my ribs and it stung a lot, but most on my mind was that I just had some girl’s nose pressed between my nuggets before she flung me like a pizza maker tosses pizza.

I landed on the bed and for some god awful reason I didn’t bounce the way physics would indicate and fly off into the wall lips first, leaving red paint where I’d have landed. No, I bounced straight up and was eye level with the purpleish orangey pegasus. Her grin was sickening and I was going to comment on it, but then I fell because science works sometimes.

I landed on my side and bounced again, this time I saw the other two and heard the trio giggling like idiots as they bounced and took me with them. I actually don’t think they knew I was along for the ride against my will, everytime I tried to tell them I’d land and the air would escape me. After about thirty seconds, though, I started to have fun.

I may not have laughed like a madman that just reinvented the ampersand, but I certainly felt that happy sensation I get when I’m feeling good with other people. I made only one mistake the whole time I was along for the ride, and that was to try to take control of my own jumping. I twisted and tried to land on my hooves.

The landing was a perfect ten, the fact I kept my centrifugal force was either an eight or a two, whichever is the bad end of the spectrum. My hooves left the bed and I spun on all three axis taking the fillies legs from under them. We all crashed on the bed and my head landed heavily on Sweetie’s flank jarring me.

“Snickers, there’s somepony I’d love for you to-- Gyah! What the Tartarus are you four doing?!”

I felt the girls jolt and then scramble on the bed as I put a hoof to my head. “What a ride.” I said it as a statement, not a joke. The tug on my ear was not the response I was expecting, neither was being dragged from the bed barely faster than I could get my hooves under me.

“Young colt, I thought we just had a discussion about your manners, and I find you trying to mount my sister and her friends?!”

My eyes went as wide as I thought they could. I first tried to shake my head, which was a very bad idea because my ear. I tried to talk, but once again my ear.

“Rarity! Put, him, down.”

The magic holding my ear abated instantly and I fell in a heap on the floor, my ear covered by my pastern. I tried to hold them back, but the tears started and again I was crying. I was wrapped in a hug by an adult that was radiating love and caring, followed by a couple more bodies that were my size.

“We’re sorry, Snickers, we didn’t ever want you ta get in trouble.”

“Yeah, if I could I’d take it back and wouldn’t have made you jump, too.”

“I’ll give you some of my dessert tonight after supper, if that’ll help.”

Those three fillies were just kinder to me than any event in my recent memory. It wasn’t after soap torture, or tying me in a padded room, or anything else. They were just sorry, in the innocent way children are supposed to be. I heard Rarity whispering and the girls left the hug, I heard the door close, and then there was silence in the room except for my noises.

I sniffled and looked up at the yellow mare who was holding me and I swear I heard bells chime and a harp when I saw her. She was silhouetted by the sun and her wings were partially open giving her the perfect visage of an angel. She was so beautiful I covered my mouth and gasped in awe at her, tears running anew down my cheeks and onto my legs.

“Oh, Snickers, what’s wrong? Do you need anything? How can I help you?”

Her voice was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard that wasn’t forced or synthesized, it was natural in all its beauty. I sobbed again, but this time it was more in reverence at her. If I was so inclined I’d find religion for the first time and know what to do when meeting a disciple of some heavenly being. Instead I whined and pressed my hooves tighter against my mouth, afraid I’d offend her with my voice as it was.

She looked at me with so much concern and worry I felt like her eyes were gazing into my very soul with absolute purity, and I cried again. This time it was a deep cry, is the best way I can describe it. I bellowed my little voice into her chest and the tighter she held me the more the stress and pain from my life left me.

I was a foal in the arms of an angel, and I was finally safe from everything and everyone that every meant me harm.