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Rarity's Colt - Mocha Star

Rarity, among others across the land, signed up to be foster parents for foals after numerous disasters struck the nation. Few expected to be called upon, among the least was Rarity.

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(Supplemental Chapter) Initial EMFFMH Evaluation: Snickers

Equestrian Ministry of Families, Foals, and Mental Health

Intake Report/Initial Assessment

Patient Demographic Information

Client: Snickers, reported by client
Age: Client reports ~400 years, physically appears 6

Race: Pony, Earth

Gender: M

Weight: 77#

Patient Lineage Information

No parents or guardians known at present time.

Brief Physical Description and History

Client is a chocolate brown Earth Pony with a silver-white mane and lime green eyes. No obvious signs of physical distress or abnormality noted by counselor.
Client was made known to the ministry by Doctor Hoofset of Onthersville General Hospital. Apparently, Snickers was found on the edge of Dark Winds Woods by a camping troop of Filly Scouts. He was taken in for potential physical trauma from various falls, scratches, bug bites, and malnutrition to a moderate degree.

Client was in an intoxicated state due to consumption of berries in the wild. Client presented a 'rough' appearance and a lack of coordination was noted even after intoxication was well out of client’s system.

Family History

No family history has been given by foal at the time of this report. Current searches are being conducted in rural areas; major cities report no lost foals matching his appearance. Client self-reports good relationship with family of non-pony types. Client states that last contact was years ago, possibly making him an orphan vagabond. Rare, but not unheard of.

Psychological History

No known psychological history. Client self-reports 'problems', but refuses to elaborate. Counselor observes a lack of proper self/other boundaries while in a curious and/or hyper state, switching to extreme distaste of contact otherwise. Client is fearful and aggressive, triggers seem to be questions about his past, physical examination, psychological examination. Client shows common signs of sexual trauma/abuse, abandonment issues, and intoxicant exposure. Possible exposure may include ketamine, refined meth-salts, alcohol, tobacco, deil, and earth mist. Advice caution and a watchful eye.
Client reports a different societal normal standard he believes in regards to clothing being a requirement, consistent with body fear and self-loathing tendencies. Client reports psychosexual norms consistent with abuse and (pseudo)rape as 'normal' in his life as caused by a conflict between natural exposure versus covering himself with anything to, in his own words, ‘hide his shame’. Referencing his, and others’, reproductive organs.

Social History

Client has an active imagination; self-reports as the alien creature human. Client states social and cultural norms far outside of Equestrian social norms and was seen displaying aggression when contested by another foal, no injuries were sustained as client was walking poorly at the time. Client is possibly a Diamond Dog escapee, due to dislike of physical contact and subsequent aggressiveness for one his age and gender. Client disregards redirection, correction, and we refuse to use punishments at our facility.
Of note is the depth his mythological society has, differing itself from common archetypal fantasy; the notable utopian ideal world we live in versus a world that uses technology and sciences outside of current known bounds.

Equestria Ministry of Families, Foals and Mental Health

Client Contact Notes

Snickers is an Earth Pony colt of average size for his age and is slightly under-weight, very likely due to his lifestyle of travel and self sufficiency. First contact made while Snickers was intoxicated, when he awoke he had a violent tantrum for being denied alcohol and tobacco products, and was sedated. While under the effects of sedation, Snickers deep-kissed this Counselor and made overtly-sexual motions toward hospital staff regardless of gender or species.
Over two days of close observation, he was deemed too affectionate toward female ponies and this Counselor noted behaviors consistent with sexual trauma/sexualization. He was seen exploring under mares’ tails and was nearly struck when he tugged a filly’s tail up to view her labia. He engaged in a major tantrum when restrained and after striking several bystanders with thrown objects, he was sedated again.

After sedation wore off, Snickers hid from sight until bribed out with water and promise to have time alone in his room. During the time he was ‘alone’, scrying spells are always active, he was seen masturbating several times, not yet achieving climax which adds to the belief he is under 7 years of age. He attempted autofelacio with successful results, thus he must be guarded and taught to perform sexual acts as he did in private and not in public, as well as to refrain from engaging in mounting habits with others as it tends to lead to sexual objecfication and addiction until hormones balance during late adolecence (age 8 in cases involving colts).

Snickers shows aversion to contact, lack of eye contact, lack of trust, lack of proper behavior and self restraint for his age group, as well as control issues, confusion of boundaries, confusion of self, delusion and fantasy preference... Snickers has tried to act like a mare three times and self-reports he was one for several years until after a surgery was performed to make him male again. That is obviously untrue. I request a full Psychosocial and Behavioral Assessment be completed as soon as possible.

He also reports a liking of tobacco and shows poor impulse control in regards to obtaining items of value to himself, i.e. he has kleptomaniac tendencies beyond the terrible three’s wherein a three month old will take objects and claim them as their own.

He is strong willed and hard to redirect. Snickers also has extremely foul language when angered, annoyed, or frustrated and attempts to redirect by hospital staff were insufficient.

Snickers is deluded to a high degree. He reports believing himself a 400 year old hermaphrodite that changes between genders. He claims no memory of how his 'transformation' occurs. He also claims he is married to a female dragon named Shenron, with the explanation that it was what his master commanded.

He has a job in the Kingdom of Sofas which, from what this Counselor could gather, is essentially scribe or clerk type work. It is not lost on this Counselor that it is a play on the inappropriate wording of ‘so ‘bucking’ dumb’, where bucking is the softened version of the inappropriate wording.

He has a good knowledge of basic economics, though the currency he reports is several other types instead of bits.

His delusional world is an extensively created science fiction fantasy world of high technology, low magic, very warlike, and it appears to be an inverse of gender roles. He claims to being omnivorous, or as he calls himself, ‘eaters of the highest degree’. Snickers did not relay information regarding militaristic behavior consistent with an aggressive hunter species such as gryphons or territorial minotaurs.

He refuses to elaborate on anything of his past, often attempting to redirect conversation to other topics such as clothing, sexual topics, and complaints about the quality of food. To be honest, most staff would agree with him on that last comment.

Counselor Notes

This is beyond anything I have ever seen or heard of. The only possible explanation I can come up with that makes any logical sense, is that this colt has been sexually abused and traumatized to a degree that I can barely comprehend. Diamond Dog enslavement is the most likely cause, but I cannot rule out family abuse, especially with the sexualization aspects of his personality. On two occasions he tried to seduce me, he kissed me once, his curiosity with mare’s reproductive areas, and the lewd discussions he tried to start during his first day were troubling indicators.

He is going to need a loving family that is disciplined yet caring, and supportive enough to help him break out of this fantastical world of talking hairless higher apes and learn to join real pony society. He is smart, creative, and on occasion funny. We need to nurture those aspects while diminishing the angry, destructive, negative, abusive, and sexual nature he currently shows.