• Published 12th Sep 2019
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Rarity's Colt - Mocha Star

Rarity, among others across the land, signed up to be foster parents for foals after numerous disasters struck the nation. Few expected to be called upon, among the least was Rarity.

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Tour and Conflict

The trio galloped around ponies and under a couple that shouted their disapproval as they made their way to their next destination. Snickers had finally started to smile, having fun just running and feeling a rush that wasn’t accompanied with fear or anger. There was nothing but joy in the world now, and it surrounded him outside the three fillies guiding their path.

The fresh air was invigorating and his legs hadn’t gotten so much use in a long time. His hooves had been trimmed, too; by a professional not just chipped to a manageable level using whatever he could find. It didn’t hurt when his hooves pounded the ground, the rocks didn’t jab into sensitive cut up frogs, and there was a fresh breeze running through his mane.

The girls took his onto a scenic route at his request to burn off some of the food and sugar he’d taken in, so he could have more desserts. The farmland at the edge of town was sparsely populated and begged to be snacked upon when nopony was looking.

For several minutes it was paradise. Then he ran into Scootaloo and tumbled over her, landing on his side with a thud, sliding across the packed gravel before stopping. His first thought was to shout at her and shove her to prove his point, then he heard something that grated his nerves. “Ha-ha. Nice tumble, blank flanks.

“Maybe you’ll get a cutie mark as a clown, since all you seem to be good at is tumbling into each other.”

The other crusaders reached them, panting. They started to help Scootaloo up and dusted her off. “Go away you two. We’re showing the new colt around town and we’re not gonna listen to your teasing.”

“Did you hear that, Diamond Tiara? The Cutie Mark Lame-saders aren’t gonna listen to us. They’re so far below us they can’t even understand what we’re saying.” The fillies bumped hooves, tittering.

Snickers got up and looked at the scratches across his side.

“And who’s this? A new colt for you fillies to add to your little herd?” Diamond mocked. “Why don’t you come with me, you and I can start one and I’ll actually take care of you; unlike some poor fillies. And I’ll get you a skirt that really shows your assets, because that rag isn’t worth wiping with.”

He snorted and glared.

“Diamond, I don’t think he can understand us either. Maybe if we talk really slow,” Silver said moving closer and sneering. “Are… you… dumb… or… do… you… just… have… low… standards?”

“Girls, stay back,” he said to the CMC.

“Snickers, ya don’t wanna--”

Snickers?! Ha, his name is meant to be laughed at! Hey Snickers, can I hear a blank flank like you laugh for me? I’ll give you a shiny new bit if you do!”

Silver and Diamond laughed an annoying laugh, ready to end their teasing with their chant. “Bump, bump-”

“Why don’t you go fuck yourselves, then each other in the middle of the market, for a shiny bit?”

They stumbled and nearly fell over, standing quickly and looking at him in shock. “Wh-what?! How dare you--”

“How dare you bitches walk up to me and talk to me like I’m some pussy, ready for a pounding? Do you know what you’re getting yourselves into, talking trash to me? I’ll stomp you so hard you’ll limp for two days! Get the fuck outta here before I open a bottle of kick flank on you!” he reared and stomped his hooves on the ground in challenge.

The duo lowered their bodies getting on guard. “It’s rude to hit a colt, but you’re the rudest colt I’ve ever heard of!” Diamond ran at him followed by Silver, intent on scaring him and making him run away like every other colt they’d ever come across. They didn’t know anything about this one, though.

Quicker than she could react, he leapt at her with a twist and brought his hind leg across her head, dropping her to the ground heavily. He landed dragging his hind hooves behind him just in time to see a startled Silver Spoon begin stopping by dropping her hind end for leverage, only to get an uppercut just below her sternum followed by a shove with his other foreleg sending her to the ground beside her friend.

The CMC screamed and ran to the fight just as he brought a foreleg back and kicked the top of Diamond’s muzzle. “If anypony asks, you tripped when running, got it!” he shouted at the fillies that’d curled up on themselves crying, Diamond covered her muzzle with a pastern while Silver dry heaved between sniffles.

“Snickers! What in Celestia’s name are ya doin’?! Ya can’t fight like that,” Apple Bloom admonished. The other two nodded in agreement with frowns.

“What, they started it. I finished it. Simple as that.”

“Colts don’t fight, Snickers! And who taught you to do that!” Sweetie pointed at the fillies on the ground. He kicked gravel and dirt at them. “Stop that!”

“What? They’re worth less than the ground I kicked at them, they have to belittle us to feel better about themselves. Now they know that if they try that again, I’ll remind them why it’s not safe to gallop on dirt roads. Right?” Diamond barely nodded.

“Snickers, you need to stop! You’re going too far with all this.”

“No, too far is that if these two start shit again. I’ll crawl in their windows at night and beat ‘em half to death,” he snarked back and stood taller.

“No, Snickers. If you do that then you can’t join our club, do you want that?”

He readied a classic smart ass reply, but stopped himself when a warm breeze the smelled of fresh apples blew past him. He stood still, mouth open while he thought, then he closed his mouth and swallowed to wetten his dry throat. He shook his head and exhaled. “I wanna join, but I meant what I said about knocking sense into these two if they do it again.”

They narrowed their eyes at him, but thought it was the best they’d get away from the scene. “Should we get them some help?”

“No way, Sweetie. It may have been wrong, but they had that coming for the past year. I say let them get home and let their butlers patch ‘em up. Us poor ponies have to get some dessert to celebrate this moment with our new colt friend.”

“Scootaloo!” Sweetie slapped her on the foreleg.

“What? Ah! I meant colt friend. Not like boyfriend or special somepony, sheesh. Psh. ‘Guh-ross’.”

Her friends nodded in agreement and gave Snickers the stink eye while walking past him. “You go ahead, I’ve gotta apologize to these two for what I did. It’s the right thing to do, after all.”

They smiled and nodded to each other. “That’s mighty nice of ya. Catch up quick, alright?”

“You bet, heh-heh…” He turned so his rear was facing the two fillies, lifted his tail, and grunted. He smiled, listening to the fillies groan in disgust as they saw when fell from him onto the ground. When he was done he took a step forward and scraped his hoof along the ground kicking four fresh road apples at them. Diamond rolled away but Silver wasn’t as lucky, finally losing her lunch as firm, still warm road apple landed against her foreleg.

“Like I said,” he said softly over his shoulder, “you tripped and you’re not going to tease anypony again. Right?”

Diamond sniffled loudly, hobbling to her friend with a stagger as blood dripped onto the gravel from her muzzle. “Y-yes, sir. We won’t. We promise.”

“Great! I hope we can be friends and put all this mess behind us.” He said happily and took to a gallop to catch up to the girls, who giggled and ran with him back toward town, leaving the terrible duo groaning behind them.