• Published 12th Sep 2019
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Rarity's Colt - Mocha Star

Rarity, among others across the land, signed up to be foster parents for foals after numerous disasters struck the nation. Few expected to be called upon, among the least was Rarity.

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Waking Up

Five friends and a baby dragon sat, stood, or paced in a waiting room in various states of unease. A nurse walked into the room and they all gave her their undivided attention. She shook her head. “Sorry, I’m just going home. Somepony will know what’s going on between them soon, I promise.”

She looked crestfallen when she left the group a little worse off than they had been.

“Ah don’t get it, Twi. Explain ta me how ya can’t fix ‘em?”

Twilight stopped her pacing leaving Spike’s footfalls the only ones in the room. “I told you, I told you all, I don’t know what kind of spell it is! I’ve only seen something like it once, but I can’t remember where!”

“It’s okay, Twilight,” Fluttershy climbed off her bench seat and moved to her friend, “it’s not your fault. Something happened between them, but they'll be okay, right?” Twilight nodded and lowered her head. “It’s not the elements, it’s not dark magic, and it’s not aliens,” she insisted to Rainbow before she could say anything. “I think it’s time you took a seat with us and relaxed.”

Twilight’s ears twitched and then stood up. “Time? Time?! This is no time to worry about time!” Fluttershy stepped back and turned away, her mane hiding her face. “No, Fluttershy, I didn’t mean it like that. Starswirl’s time spell, that’s where I’ve seen this magic before, only it’s different.

“I have to scan them again,” she said and marched to the room Sweetie, Rarity and Snickers had been given. Twilight opened the door to see Doctor Hoof and his wife, Nurse Tender looking over a chart. They’d fallen silent when the door opened and we’re pleased to see Twilight, again. They were, in fact, displeased when Spike walked past her and made his way to the bed.

“Miss Twilight, we’ve already spoken and you’ve been asked to not interfere with our diagnosis process.”

“I have an answer,” Twilight said confidently and lit her horn. Her friends came to the door and peeked in from both sides. Twilight watched as Rarity twitched and jerked her free limbs while Snickers was holding one of her hooves tightly still. The bed across from them on the other side of the room held Sweetie, who was still held with her tail up, but was just as unconscious as the other two.

Twilight’s magic danced in the ethereal plane around the duo, touching them at Twilight’s will to test the magic being used. If it worked, she could have the three over for breakfast the next day and have them tell her about what led up to the incident and between. All she had to do was focus.

Her spellwork was masterful, but the spell they were under was the same. She relaxed her mind and felt for a weakness or opening into the spell, a way to see what they were seeing or, perhaps, who was controlling them or the spell. She noticed Rarity’s magic was pulsing at incredibly fast rates, more than she’d use on her own in a year. That was when there was a moment between both of them that the field wobbled and she pushed against the spot.

She connected and in that split second of time she felt Rarity and Sweetie, but that was too much for her, it seemed. With sluggishness, her eyes opened in the real world to see the sun had set and she was lying in a hospital bed.

Her friends were sitting and lying in different spots around the room with trays of food by them, silently snacking in a morose mood. “What happened to the sun?” Was her first question. The group of her friends snapped their attention to her and scrambled over their food to rush her with a hug. “What’s going on?” she asked with a hint of humor.

“Twi, it’s been two days. We didn’t know what happened…”

Rainbow got herself out of the embrace and looked at the other sleeping ponies in the room. “Did you do it? Are they coming out of it?”

Twilight shook her head and pushed her friends a little to give her space. “No, I was only there for a few seconds. I don’t know where ‘there’ is, but they’re together and,” Twilight looked at the bed beside hers, “I felt Rarity and Sweetie, I think it was their magic I sensed. They’re scared, lost, and feel so alone.”

They looked between the ponies on the beds and their mood sombered again. “So, no waking up party?”

“No, Pinkie,” Rainbow landed and kicked her tray of food, “no party. No Rarity, no little dude, no nothing!” she swung a punch through empty air.

Fluttershy looked at Rainbow, then she shook her head. “Rainbow, you’re not setting a good example.”

“A good example?” she snapped back. “For who?! They’re in a coma, Sweetie’s with them, wherever they are; the only good thing today is Twilight waking up. So don’t tell me anything about anything!” Rainbow flew toward a wall, facing it to hide her emotions from showing.

“You spent time with Snickers, just like I did,”

“Y-yeah, so?” Rainbow replied with a shaky voice.

The timid mare didn’t relent. “He’s tough, and whatever they’re all doing or going through, they’re together. I can’t help them now, but when they wake up, I’ll be here for them, can I count on you to help them with me?”

Rainbow closed her eyes. She had to stay strong, she told herself. She cleared her throat, as though nopony knew why, then answered quietly. “Fine,” she whispered in a rough voice that bordered on breaking. “But, don’t tell me about how to be me,” she met Fluttershy’s confidant eyes, “because I have to be me for him.” Rainbow nodded her head to the colt on the bed and everypony’s respect for Rainbow went up a little more.

Twilight looked between the two and then to Applejack. “Is there something between them and Snickers?” she asked quietly.

“Oh, Sugarcube. There’s a lot between them and that little colt ya didn’t know.”

“Oh? Well, could somepony fill me in?”

Rainbow flew over, then sat on Twilight’s bed with Fluttershy opting to stand beside her. “Well,” Fluttershy started, “I don’t know if I ever told you, but I’m a licensed therapist, and so is Dash.”

Twilight looked between the two and squinted at Rainbow. “Fluttershy, I believe. But you, Rainbow?”

“Hey, I can’t be awesome if I can’t help ponies be radical,” she said with a shrug.

A few hairs in Twilight’s already messy bed mane sprung up. “That doesn’t make any sense Rainbow…”

“Alright, before we get inta some kinda match, Ah’ll remind ya both we’re in a hospital, Twilight’s admitted and this here’s her bed, so off, Rainbow. Lastly, Twilight, it’s true. Why d’ya think Scootaloo’s all over her as an idol and whatnot?”

“Hm, I never really thought about it. I just figured it was generic hero worship and she’d eventually move on.”

“Hey, I’m not generic,” Rainbow opened her wings and hovered over where she was sitting, “and it’s because I helped her and now she follows me like a pet, wanting a little more ego building every now and again. That filly’s got some major attachment issues because her parents are only around her a couple months a year.”

“Oh, my. That’s so sad, maybe she needs a pet to keep her company. I’ve got so many that need good homes, maybe she’d like a birdie that has trouble flying to help encourage her to--”

“Not the time, Fluttershy. Look, we both spent time with him and Fluttershy said he’s really sweet and wants to be liked. When he was with me he was cool, funny, and just like any mare I’d ever wanna hang out with after sunset. He’s almost like an adult, but he isn’t,” she looked at Fluttershy who shook her head.

“No, I see him as a foal who hasn’t had a good life. He cried so much, and told me how hurt he was that he was a kid again, then I listened as he told me about his feelings since he got to Ponyville…” she trailed off and looked at Rarity, still twitching an ear or limb, “I scolded Rarity quite harshly and I haven’t apologized yet.

“That’s why I know they’re going to be okay and come out of this better and closer than before. Rarity would never leave thinking anypony was upset with her, and her shop needs her, too.”

“Hold on a tick, ya said you were in that spell fer only a little bit, but two days passed. What if they’re in there fer these two days, but it’s been longer fer them?”

Every eye went to Rarity and Snickers’s bed and Twilight bit her lip. “If that’s the case, then I hope they’re together and safe. What I felt wasn’t the best feeling, and I don’t use empathy magic. It really doesn’t have an application outside of finding changelings and psychiatry. Both of which aren’t in my skillset, at least until lately.”

Applejack placed a forehoof on Twilight’s bed. “Don’t even start, sugarcube. There’s nothin’ you coulda done. Ah guess all we can do is wait and when they come out of it, be there for ‘em.”

There was a round of agreement and a snort from under her bed. “Oh, I was wondering where Spike was.”

Pinkie finally spoke up. “Yeah, I took him out today and had lots of fun with the kids at the park, then we sent Princess Celestia a letter about you and Rarity and Snickers. Then we ate lunch and snacks and--”

“Wait, you wrote the Princess?”

“Oh, yeah. She’s busy and can’t come, but she said she’d like us to keep her up to date on anything that happens and that she’d ask Luna to check in on everypony’s dreams.”

Twilight relaxed and sat back into the pillows on her bed. “Whew, that’s a relief.”

“Don’t Ah know it. Last thing we need is ya runnin’ around, tryin’ ta make the hospital all fancy. But, thinkin’ back on it… couldn’t you use some ‘a that empty magic on them now and let us know how they’re feelin’?”

Rainbow had turned with her back against the wall, leaning on two legs and trying to look casual. “Yeah, there’s gotta be something in their ethereal magic stuff that you can work with. It’s what you do, right?”

Twilight rubbed her temple. “Rainbow, it’s not that easy. I touched their shared magic and was asleep for two days, you said. Who knows what’ll happen if I try that kind of spell, combined with whatever spell is already affecting them? There’s a sage rule that’s older than time, girls. It goes ‘Don’t mix magicks.’

“Now, what that refers to mainly is trying to combine the different types of magic with one another or with another discipline. If I’m using traditional aether spellwork as a unicorn, then I can’t cast a dark magic spell because they’re not compatible. It’s like trying to set water on fire or melt two ice cubes by putting them in the freezer.”

Rainbow yawned. “So, don’t mix magic. Got it, can you stir it in their magic or maybe shake it in?”

The others chuckled at Rainbow, Twilight’s eye twitched, then the room brightened and their attention was on Rarity’s horn as its light turned blinding. Twilight cast a shield, just in case, then it died out and they all rushed to the bed, hoping it was a sign they were waking up. Tears ran from Rarity’s closed eyes, Snickers teeth were clenched. They turned their attention to Sweetie and rushed over to see her and didn’t notice any change.

Rainbow landed in Applejack’s spot from before Twilight woke up and pulled her friends tray onto her forelegs. “Well, let’s hope that means they’ll be awake soon.”


Rarity’s eyes opened slowly and she inhaled deeply. She pushed herself up and looked around her, flinching at every sound she heard. A quiet soft groan got her attention and she scooped Snickers into her forelegs. “Shush,” she said quietly and climbed off the bed with him. He nodded and looked around the room. “Do you see Sweets?”

He shook his head and glanced everywhere. The room was clean, the air was fresh, there were birds chirping, and he didn’t have hunger pains or cramps. He was, for the moment, terrified. “Where are we?”

“It’s a trick, it has to be,” Rarity said and sniffed loudly, the scent of clean air was amazing. “The air’s so clean… Snickers?” She looked down at him and noticed him holding her leg, looking at it intently. She gasped in shock and looked at him from above, then at her leg. Her hoof was in need of some care, but it was clean and unbroken; more importantly, she was clean.

She reached for her mane and felt her hooves run through it like it was the morning after he came into her life. She looked at him inspecting himself, then used her magic to pull him into a hug. “Did it happen? Are we home? Our home? Oh, please, don’t let this be a trick…” she got to her hooves and took a step, sighing in pleasure. “I’ve forgotten how nice it is to have balanced hooves, how are yours feeling?”

He nodded and took a few steps, a smile growing on his face. “Good, better than in a while.”

“I’m pleased to hear that, I’m going to check the door. If I find Sweets, maybe we can find out what’s going on.”

“Okay, mom. I’ll be here,” he said smiling at his hoof as he turned it from side to side and looked at the frog. “It’s so clean,” he whispered and Rarity smiled at him, then was back in the moment.

“No, young colt. You’re staying by my side,” she said sternly and he sighed, but trotted to her, his hooves gliding on the floor. “And stop that, you’ll scuff your hooves.”

He snickered. “Yeah, don’t worry about the floor; just my hooves.”

“Darling, you know full well the effort I take into making sure you look your best at all times. What do I say, after all?”

They spoke at the same time. “A good first impression makes all the difference.”

“Exactly, now, if anything happens you know what to do, right?”

He nodded hesitantly and moved under her, ready to react at a heartbeat. She opened the door and looked out into the hallway of the hospital. They took tentative steps from their room, giving total attention to the stallion that’d dropped his notes on the floor when he’d seen them.

“Miss Rarity, you’re awake, too! Please, return to your room and I’ll let Twilight and the others know you’re awake. Oh, and you brought the colt with you,” he looked at the colt hiding under her. “If you’ll give me ten minutes, I’ll have your friends on their way,” he grinned happily and it unnerved the mare and colt.

Rarity turned and took a defensive stance that stopped the doctor. “Miss Rarity? I... apologize if I’ve done something wrong. If you’re uncomfortable you can wait in the hall, if you wish. I’ll have to call a nurse to watch over you though. You’ve all been asleep for a week since that morning and we all have so many questions to ask.”

Rarity looked him over and kept her eyes on him while she bent down to Snickers. “What’d’ya think? Should we trust him?”

“Yeah, ma… but I’m keeping an eye on him. But, Sweets?”

“Where’s my sister?” She asked firmly, narrowing her eyes and offering no room for word play.

He looked at her and swallowed. “I’ll send her to your room right away. We’d taken her to an exam room to check the status of her tail and you all seem to have awoken at the same time. It’s just more to add to the amazement of this mystery,” a smile quirked his lips.

“I shall tell you only once,” Rarity glared at him so intensely he cowered back, even before her horn lit adding to her menace, “if you harm my sister, or try to harm my son, I shall make it the last harm you ever deliver unto another. Am I clear?”

Doctor Tender nodded, splayed his ears back, and lowered his head in supplicance.

Rarity nodded and carefully turned around before backing into the room with Snickers moving with her pace, still mostly under her. “We’ll just wait in here, good sir. If you’re really trying to acquire my friends, then you know their names and where they live, so I’m sure you’ll be back in no time with them.” She leaned down to Snickers and clicked her tongue twice, quickly. She closed the door and pulled a bed over, blocking it closed.

“There, we have only a moment, darling,” she turned and checked the smaller objects and moved various items with her magic while he checked the drawers, cabinets, and vents for anything indicating traps or danger.

He finally came to the windows, where he stopped. Rarity moved to him and stopped with him, looking over the lands they both called home. Rarity stood over him protectively as they looked at a view that had green as its primary color

It wasn’t like anything she’d come to know as a new normal, and it wasn’t going to; if she had anything to do with it. She wrapped her leg around his barrel and nuzzled into his mane. “You know, Snickers…”

“What’s that, ma?”

“You’re naked again.”

He giggled and blinked at the wondrous land they lived in. “I don’t give a shit.”

She giggled and she bopped him on the muzzle. “What’ve I been telling you about that?”

“That my first year’s allowance is goin’ right into a swear jar when I get home?”

“I think I’ll turn those saved funds into a vacation around Equestria. We’ll see the largest cities in their prime,” she pointed to a random mountain range, “take a taxi from place to place and make memories that will bring us closer,” there was a knock at the door and they both turned to face it. Rarity leaned closer to him. “And if you’re nice, Me and Sweets might bring you along.”

He laughed and moved to his safe place as her horn lit and the bed moved. The door opened and Sweetie poked her hoof into the room quickly, then pulled back. “One and one is two.”

“But Rarity is here for you,” Rarity replied with a relieved exhale. The door opened with a shove from Sweetie's shoulder and she charged to the others, joining a group hug that didn’t bring a single tear, only exhaustion. “Sweets, I think we’re home. Sweet Celestia’s tiny teats, I pray we are.”

Sweetie leaned back and swatted Rarity’s ear. “What’d you tell me about that language?”

Rarity pulled her back into the hug. “Not right now, darling. We’re having a good moment.”

A moment later she was looking out the window, two companions and family members by her sides. They all looked out the window in silence and tranquillity. "Mom?"

"Yes, little one?"

"Are you gonna tell about what happened?"

"Certainly," Rarity looked down and met his eyes. "I've seen where you're from and what can change. I won't let everything fall apart over trivial matters or greed.

"The only way to do that is with the help of my friends. Besides," she chuckled, " there's no keeping a secret after five days together in another world."

"We could try," Sweetie suggested and looked at her flank. How am I gonna explain this to everypony?"

Rarity looked and gasped. "It came with us? But, how? And, I'm sorry. I know you wanted to earn it with your friends."

"Meh, I got over that a while ago."

"Darling, don't you remember all the fun you once had trying--"

"That's the point, it was fun. Now I'm out of the club and they've moved on."

"No they haven't," Snickers said from Rarity's other side, "your only a few days off. Just pick up where you left off."

Sweetie made to get up, but Rarity's magic tugged her tail to hold her down. "Ouch! Rarity, I broke my tail, remember?"

Rarity stopped her magic. "I'm so sorry,Sweets. After so long, I've forgotten such small things."

"I'm not mad, I was just upset, again."

"All is forgiven. Now, who wants a real shower?"


The rest of the day was wrought with medical tests and magical scans as the three were isolated and checked over for any lingering physical harm or damage that may have occurred from their ordreal.

The thought of a shower kept them ready. Once they were allowed to rest in their room the first thing they did was take the communal shower they'd wanted so badly.

Rarity stood behind the foals and helped them wash, then they switched spots so she could wash while they started to play. Finally, once all clean to the point their bodies were practically squeaking, Rarity finally lay under the hot water and joined them in their game of splashing one another from puddles of water they could gather in their forelegs on the floor.

There was a rapid series of knocks that scared them, Rarity standing and protecting her sister and son as they rushed under her. Her horn lit and she readied herself for whatever may break through the door.

“Rarity? Snickers? Sweetie?! We’re here, it’s Fluttershy--”

“And Rainbow, open up!” the knocks happened again and Rarity’s heart soared.

She ran to the door and opened it, leaping up to tackle a startled Rainbow from the air. The other two screamed in joy and leapt on the cyan mare. “We missed you, Rainbow.”
“I missed her more.”
“No way!”
“Prove it!”
“I don’t have ta, I know it.”

“Um,” was all Fluttershy managed before the ponies looked at her. Rarity’s magic pulled her into the pony pile of affection against both pegasi’s wants or wills. The shower was still running, lending a constant white noise to the happiness that filled the room, even as Rainbow pulled herself from under them all.

“Bleh, gross… foal water,” Rainbow stood up and looked like she’d just taken a bath, having all that water fall onto her. Fluttershy pulled her limp mane from her face and moved it behind her ear. “Woah, Flutters. You have a nice face, you should really show it off more.”

Fluttershy blushed and turned her head by habit. It was then Rainbow saw that Fluttershy might have always been hiding the huge half smile behind her mane while the other side seemed relaxed. “Oh, I don’t think so.”

Rarity pulled the foals to her. “Darling, your mane isn’t covering anything at the moment.”

Fluttershy opened her eyes and looked at Rainbow. “I… it wasn’t…”

Rainbow opened her wings and flapped them once, drying them and giving her lift. “I wasn’t teasing, you should try to show your smile more, that’s all I’m saying.”

Rarity let the foals go and they looked around the room to take in the scene, then galloped back into the shower to play in the extra space.

“Why don’t they have baths in these places? Honestly,” Rainbow asked, “when I was here for my wing that one time, I just wanted to soak.”

“A question for another day, Rainbow. By the by, darling… do you know when the others might show up?”

A small explosion and streamers, confetti, and a few balloons that floated up rained on a shimmering blue shield that appeared faster than thought and kept the other three occupants of the room safe. Pinkie pressed her face to the shield and looked in, getting a startled scream from Rarity. Her shield failed and the two mares she was standing in front of became a barrier for her.

“Awe, I popped your bubble,” Pinkie said looking at the area her face was pressed against. “I’ll make you a new one,” she reached behind her and pulled out a bottle of bubble soap and a giant wand, then inhaled.

No!” Snickers shouted thinking it was a weapon, he ran at Pinkie, tackling her and raising a forehoof. “Leave my mom alone,” he shouted and swung down, landing his punch in a whoopee cushion held in Pinkie’s hoof close to her body; it let its sound flow slowly, loudly, and freely.

“Gah, right there,” she gasped and pretended to pass out. The sound effect finally tapered off and Snickers realized he was naked, soaking wet, sitting on a naked mare that he’d just made wet; and that the same wet mare just made a fart sound after saying something that is easily misconstrued, and then pretended to pass out.

It took two seconds before it all struck every part of his mind and he fell off her laughing like he had the night he’d met Rainbow.

His legs kicked and he rolled side to side, holding his barrel. He snorted, giggled, and repeated. His laughter began bringing in more laughter from the group of five. It was a great moment, and one they’d recall in the days going forward.