• Published 12th Sep 2019
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Rarity's Colt - Mocha Star

Rarity, among others across the land, signed up to be foster parents for foals after numerous disasters struck the nation. Few expected to be called upon, among the least was Rarity.

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“Fuck tard.”

“Hm,” Snickers thought, “walking sperm dumpster.”

Rainbow barely held back a laugh. “Oh, it’s that way, huh?” she landed beside him as they entered the town’s main street. “Penis licker.”

“Pussy pounder.”

"Teat nibbler."

"Plot huffer."

"If I drop a chair, do you get confused which leg goes in what hole?" Snickers asked seriously, getting a flat look back from Rainbow.

"Lame. Are you hungry, dude? Because you know what they say; you are what you eat,” Rainbow said casually, “that’s why you’re a huge dick.”

Snickers lost his resolve and fell forward laughed loudly. Rainbow pumped her hoof in victory. “I knew I’d win, it’s in my dinnuh.” Snickers’ laughter grew louder and he started coughing, rolling side to side as tears streaked his cheeks. Rainbow felt her pride and ego falter. “It’s not that funny.”

He forced himself to stop, looked at her upside down, then burst into another giggle fit. “Dinnuh!” he kicked his legs and screamed. “Dinnuh dick!” he rolled to his belly and covered his eyes, that was when he snorted like a piglet and stopped for an instant before his laughter resumed.

“Okay, I won, you don’t have to remind me. If you don’t stop I’ll have to carry you. We need to check Sweetie Belle.” Her statement fell on deaf ears and she finally nosed under him and rolled him onto her back, cantering through town. “Don’t mind us, he’s got the giggles,” Rainbow said to a mare watching them pass from her window.

"Ah dinnuh eat dick, ya doop," he almost rolled off Rainbow, who had to use her wings to hold him on a she blushed from carrying the center of attention, not being it.

“Hey, can’t talk now, crazy colt’s going to the hospital. They have a cure for giggle-itis, I heard. Miss Cheerilee, meet your new pupil… well, maybe later. Nice to see you, dinner with the gals Thursday, right?”

Rainbow sighed happily when, after their walk was almost complete, he finally passed his peak of laughter and it quickly fell to a chuckled and finally a yawn. “Rainbow, I haven’t laughed like that in… forever.”

“Well, be careful of what you eat and that won’t be a problem.”

He chuckled, but with a strong effort of will, held it back. He was within view of the hospital and wondered why there was such a large, multistoried, clearly expensive professional hospital on the far outskirts of town? They quickly reached the waiting room and Rainbow ran to the desk. “Hey, I gotta friend named Rarity here, where is she?” Rainbow asked hurriedly.


“Are you serious?! I’m Rainbow Dash, how don’t you know me, Nightingale? We went to weather patrol management refresher training together last year.”

The nurse lazily looked up to Rainbow, then the foal on her back. “Relation to the patient?”

Rainbow growled. “I’m her closest friend, let me in or I’ll check every door in this place.”

The mare scratched something on a notepad and looked at the colt. “What’s his medical need tonight?”

Rainbow lowered her back end and Snickers slid off. “He’s fine! Let me spell it out for you. I n-e-e-d to see my friend because her sister is hurt really bad.”

“So you’re not here to see Rarity?”


Nightingale moved a hoof up and ripped the page out. “Name?”

Rainbow screamed in frustration and in her moment of distraction he moved around the desk and into the hospital. He listened between his hooves clopping and clicking on the floor for either of their voices, passing a nurse intently reading a chart and a stallion rocking side to side and mumbling to himself. Snickers stayed away from that one. It was after he turned the next corner that he started peeking in rooms with open doors, pressing his ear to closed doors, and trying with little success to read the papers on clipboards; cursing his being short.

He heard frustrated talking and knew the false haughty voice of Rarity. He followed it down two more rooms and opened the door quietly. It was an office, not a medical room. Both adults turned to look at him and Rarity got up. She pulled him into the room with her magic and hugged him tightly.

“Oh, Snickers, where’d you run… euck, you’re filthy, what in Equestria’s darkest night did you do to yourself?”

He turned his eyes to the doctor in a pleading gesture. “Alright, Miss Rarity. Please, let the boy go and we can finish our discussion.”

“Where’s Sweetie, I wanna see her.”

“Oh, darling, she’ll be asleep for the night, at least. It’s so terrible, we’ve all missed supper, but I hope the cafeteria has food.”

“They closed half an hour ago,” the doctor stated and Rarity let Snickers go to turn to him. "They open half an hour after sunrise, though."

“What about you? Do you have anything hiding in,” her eyes looked at the small refrigerator, “that?”

“Certainly not, that’s a medical cooler. I use it to keep medicines chilled and blood samples for testing. Certainly nothing you’d like to eat, I hope.”

Rarity stuck her tongue out. “I’d prefer not to even see blood, much less taste it. In that case, let’s pick up where we left off.”

“Can I at least see her while you talk to him?” Snickers asked again. Rarity nodded and told him what number the room was and he quickly left before she could say anything else. He turned the corners, wondering again why a general hospital built for a major city resided in a small rural town. He found the number and slid to a stop.

He opened the door slowly, thankful for the clean hinges that didn’t squeak. There was a light on across the room, an old mare wearing a hospital uniform asleep on a chair, and Sweetie Belle on her belly on a medical bed, her tail was in the air and wrapped heavily with bandages. He gasped at the sight and backed out of the room, closed the door, and sat with his forehead against the wall.

Regret started to well inside him again, then he heard the quick pace of unshod hooves. “Hey, squirt, finally got past that front desk mare,” she looked at him and sighed. “Another pity party?” He nodded his head and Rainbow sat beside him. "What happened this time? Catch a look in the mirror?" she said in a softer voice.

"She's in there, it's all my fault. I'm such a bad pony."

Rainbow gave him a little shove. She looked down the hall both ways and leaned closer to him. "Shut your mouth." He looked askance at her smile and this time, it was genuine. "I'm gonna peek, okay?" He nodded and she got up, nudged the door open, then slipped inside.

He sighed and turned around, back to the wall. A minute passed, then she slipped out and closed the door with her wingtip. “Wow, broken tail, huh?”

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into coming here,” he said sadly, looking like a sad puppy. Rainbow felt her maternal instincts scream at her to hold this colt in her legs and not let go until he was better. She wouldn’t give in, though, fighting her wings from reaching out to pull him to her.

“Look, it’s not your fault. C’mon, let’s get away from this door and you can tell me what happened; then I can show you how awesome I am when I fly upside down.”

“Ha, pegasi can’t do that.”

“You’ll have to see, won’t you?” she teased him and flew a small circle around him.

“Fine, what happened was this…”


Rarity left the doctor’s office and went to check her sister, expecting to see a colt by her bed either upset over what happened or indifferent; instead the room was just as she’d left it an hour before. She gave her sister a once over, made sure her dock was wrapped well, she was sleeping peacefully since comfort didn’t seem like an option, then left quickly to find the colt.

She worried that he’d make more trouble somehow, that is until she reached the waiting room and at one of the benches. She looked at the duo the hospital staff had covered with a thin blanket, Rainbow was holding him closely like he was a stuffed animal and he was tucked into her like a foal would his mother.

If there was ever a time she wanted a camera, this was it.

“Psst,” a nurse waved Rarity over and reached behind a desk for a camera. She leaned in close. “Here, we’ll have it developed, but go,” she emphasised with a smile, “they always move just before the picture’s taken and ruin the moment,” she waved Rarity away this time and the white mare expedited the process.

She readied the camera and when she reached a spot that had them both in frame, she snapped a photo. She moved to another angle and took another, then repeated the process two more times. She nodded in approval of what she hoped she’d accomplished and returned the camera. “Thank you, darling. This means more to all of us than you know.

“I just adopted him, you see, and he found Rainbow after, I presume, he was lost following me to Twilight’s,” Rarity blushed and looked aside. “You see, I had Twilight teleport here with us after I broke into her house… and wasn’t thinking about him because of my sister, you see.”

“It’s fine, Rarity. Everypony’s fine and it seems like they hit it off. I haven’t seen Rainbow Dash in the hospital for such a good reason before now.”

“Oh, really? Well, that’s a relief,” Rarity said with a sigh. “At least there have been brief moment of good through the day. Now, I hope they stay longer; the good that is. Darling, I’m going to head home as my sister is in good hooves. If anything happens please, take this,” she passed a glowing blue gem to the nurse.

“Ah, an emergency gem? These are very expensive, are you sure you want to use one? We can just have a staff member go get you.”

“I make them myself with little more than an hour’s time. If there’s any change, or my sister wakes up and needs me, I’ll be here in half the time it’ll take you to send somepony. As it stands, I have to make some clothes for a capricious colt,” she looked caringly at the duo and said her goodbyes.

Rarity left the hospital and quickly made her way to Twilight’s library, knocking on the door gently. “Yeah, who is it?” Spike called from inside.

“It’s me, Spikey Wikey.” There was a moment of silence before the door was tugged open and Spikes grin turned into a gasp as the door fell on him. It was stopped just before it landed on him by a blue aura. “I’m sorry I entered with such intensity last time, is Twilight back?”

Twilight’s hooves clattered on the stairs. Three books hovered around her head as she approached her visitor. “Rarity, come in. How’s Sweetie? You’ve only been gone half an hour, is she okay?”

Rarity set the door against the frame and followed Twilight to a reading nook. “She’s going to be fine; I’m sure of it. A little crack in her coccyx, if Snickers hadn’t pulled it when he did,” her ears sagged, “then she might not have had use of her tail ever again.” Twilight gasped into her hoof. “But, a couple days of recovery and a brace, she’ll be as good as new.”

“Oh yes, medical technology and spellwork has come a long way over the past hundred years. I was reading in a medical encyclopedia,” a book lowered between them and flipped open to a page Twilight pointed at, “that tail injuries are uncommon, but have to be taken care of immediately or life altering affects can happen.

“Some as soon as ten minutes after the injury. I don’t know anything about the specifics since I’m not a medical doctor, but from what you’ve said and what I saw, she had a dislocation between her--”

Rarity stopped her friend when she noticed Twilight starting her famous lecture mode. “Darling, I’d rather not think of what specifically happened to my darling sister’s anatomy. I’m sure you understand.”

“Oh, right. I’m sorry, Rarity. Spike?!”

A pitter patter of feet heralded his arrival. “Yeah, Twilight? Rarity,” he sighed when he looked at her. Twilight rolled her eyes and gave him three of her books.

“Put these away for me, Spike. I have to talk with Rarity for a little bit about tonight.”

He sighed when he heard her name and turned around on one foot, then staggered away. Both mares sighed and rolled their eyes with a giggle. “Rarity, you really shouldn’t tease him.”

Rarity gasped in shock. “Twilight, I didn’t do anything this time. I merely glanced at him while focusing on my hoof. I can’t help it if he knows true beauty when he’s near me.”

Twilight sighed with a content smile. “Somethings never change, I guess. So, who’s this stallion you keep talking about? Is he new to town or passing through?”

“Oh, neither. I’ve adopted him.” The book fell from Twilight’s magic and bounced off her head into her lap. “Yes, that’s how I thought you’d react.”

“Wh-what? But… I’m sorry, I’m confused. Did you just say what I think you said?”

“Well, what do you think I said?”

“Don’t play coy with me, Rarity,” Twilight said with a sterner tone. “Did you really take a stallion into your house? How do you adopt a stallion, that practice was outlawed by the Trivalley Council in 1564! You can go to jail, Rarity! You didn’t sign anything, did you?!”

“Twilight! Calm down, breathe,” Rarity encouraged her friend to inhale and exhale deeply over the next dozen seconds. “Now, this Snickers is a colt, and I’ve taken him in. He’s a bit of a troubled soul, as it were, but over the past day he’s improved more than I could have hoped.”

“How… do you mean?”

“Do you need a moment to catch your breath?”

“No… just recovering from thinking of losing you,” she gulped and shook her head, “but that’s not gonna happen, so go on! Tell me about him.”

Rarity looked at Twilight with puzzlement. There was something about the mare’s mood swings from borderline insane to cleverly normal that always unnerved her. “Yes, well. I have his file at home in my safe, it’s restricted, you see--”

“That’s alright, as a member of the royal court I have access to anything not Princess tier in security. A foal shouldn’t be more than fourth tier,” she giggled to herself, “and anypony with a house and ten bits on them has third tier. Being an Element of Harmony bearer you’re technically a knight to the crown and have Noble level clearence. Right?

“Rarity? Why’re you looking like that?”

Rarity’s eyes sparkled with help from her inner magic being released without a focal point. “I… am a knight? That means I can have land, and on that land I can build anything I want,” she stated while looking at the curved carved wood arch over them. Her mind danced between ideas of factories, shops, a mansion or two.

Rarity was shoved by the edge of a book held in Twilight’s magic. “Snickers, you were talking about him before I derailed you.”

“Ah, yes,” she cleared her throat, “I’ll spare you the details and I’d prefer to keep his file secret for the time being, if you don’t mind. He’s a troubled youth and needs to socialize to rejoin Equestria as a member of society. He has an active imagination they said, it seemed that all he has is a creative way to swear enough to make a sailor cry.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’s not that bad.”

Rarity leaned in. “He spoke of my mareparts in such a way that if I did what he suggested, I’d be with foal by the end of the week.” Twilight sat back and her cheeks puffed, but she still snerked from her nose. “Twilight! I can’t believe you’d find something so distasteful amusing,” she pouted and looked at her tail, “my poor privates would never be the same if that happened.”

Twilight giggled and shook her head. “Rarity, he’s a colt. He’s gonna go through these phases just like fillies do. I remember when I was a filly, there was this guard that I just,” she looked at the wall and bit her lip.

“Twilight, let’s focus on the now, please. I came here to apologize for damaging your door, if you won’t listen to me talk about the new addition to my household then perhaps I should just take my leave.”

“No, Rarity, please, I wasn’t thinking. C’mon, tell me about him. What’s he like?”

“Well, he’s a colt by any standard of the word. He has a dozen personalitiy quirks, none of which are charming at all. But, he met Fluttershy today and they got along famously. She gave me a talking down to, one I deserved, mind you, then we parted. I didn’t see the colt all day until he came home with Sweetie Belle.

“There was an incident and he accidently struck Sweetie, but she was fine and forgave him when he apologized in a way straight out the novels. Why, if he were six years older and not a member of my house, I’d swoon into his arms and let him carry me to stable.”

Spike was the one to gasp this time. He donned a furious face. “Who is this guy? I’ll burn his tail hairs and shave his back with my claws.”

He brandished his claws and the girls leaned away, the fact he was a predator was easily forgotten until moments like this. Twilight was the one to slowly extend a foreleg to him. He saw her cowering and relaxed as fast as he had overreacted. “Sorry, Rarity. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just heard about some guy i don’t know doing things to you that you really shouldn’t just do with a pony.

“I mean, a pony you just met…” he laughed nervously and backed away, running back to fix the door again.

“That dragon is so yours, Twilight.”

They both sat and relaxed again. “Why? He’s just a bit moody, how’s that like me?”

Rarity looked knowingly at her friend. “Let’s move on, shall we? So, Snickers and Sweetie bathe, everything is going swimmingly, then Sweetie leaves the bath to relieve herself and slips on some shampoo I’d neglected to clean from a harmless spill earlier.The rest you pretty much know.

“Now, I have to go home quickly and sew a nice suit for him, or perhaps a smock of some sort? You see, he has a nudity issue. I don’t mind, in fact I hope for him to be a model to my clothes in the future, only he believes that at least for himself, that showing his reproductive areas is immoral or immodest.”

“Huh, really? I haven’t heard of any cities like that in Equestria, not even Canterlot has that issue. Clothes are little more than accents to show off ones wealth or body, why does he feel that his is a workable action?”

“I haven’t the slightest idea, however I am going to go now and I’ll see you tomorrow sometime to go over some details. I have some errands to run, but once I’m done I’ll give you my full attention. Ta ta.”

Rarity passed Spike, who was working on the door and knew he’d open it for her. Not even a little guilt passed though her when he removed the door from the frame, undoing all his hard work for the third time, and trotted back home.

Once inside, she pulled fabrics and tools as she made her way to the back room where she worked. She donned her red rimmed glasses and brought a bolt of scratch fabric to herself, then began sketching an outfit. “Hm, something sensible. Something cute. Something that flows and feels loose.

“He’s a colt with little care, he certainly likes to swear. I shouldn’t tug his ear, but that colt is gonna have some flair! A little blue and a stripe of green? Bleh, that’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Yellow and white might seem alright, but it looks like something found in a toilet at night. All the colors of the rainbow are here in my shop, think, Rarity. Don’t you dare stop.

“Aha! I know quite well what will make him shine; turquoise along his back to show his style, gold around his neck to catch the eye. White along his legs since he’s so shy, with a small opening in the place of a fly. His tail will fit without a snare, his legs with glide like silk across his hair.

“He can put it on in ten seconds flat… oh please, don’t tell me I said that.”

Rarity held up one piece and the other, looking at her creation with pride. It was everything she wanted it to be and it conformed to what colts liked to wear. The shirt or pants were able to be worn single, but together they were something she hoped he’d love to wear. “Oh, drat. That musical number took longer than I’d thought.

“I have to get to bed and rest for even a little while. I can’t see Sweetie tipsy on my hooves,” she put the outfit on a dummy and ascended the stairs. Two slitted eyes shone in the night as a creature of darkness looked at his favorite spot to watch for intruders covered with something. Something he didn’t like, because he was a cat. And cats are assholes.

Author's Note:

Oh my. I accidently started and decided to finish a song in there. A first for me... Don't hate too hard.